Children Die When ‘Eco-Lies’ Disrupt the War Against Mosquitoes

Why is there a dramatic increase when we have effective disease control mechanisms at our disposal? Because the application of those solutions has been hindered by environmental movements.

Aussie PM Faces Defeat on First Major Climate Bill

Still no ban on coal; The Green Party has vowed to oppose a weak “symbolic” climate bill which provides no roadmap for how the proposed emission cuts are to be…

Arctic Sea Ice Still Quite Abundant for Early Summer

Forget about whether the numbers are below or above some short-term average, there is no catastrophe in the making for marine mammals in the Arctic at this time.

The Columbia Missourian @CoMissourian Blunder on Climate Change and the Yosemite Fire

Originally published on Climate Realism Newspapers are supposed to factually report on events. Apparently, the Columbia Missourian newspaper didn’t get the memo. On Wednesday July 13, the newspaper ran this editorial cartoon…

Don’t Panic!

Just as a few frigid days in winter are now known as a “snow event” and winter gales come with names attached, so the arrival of high summer is greeted…

Impact of Changing Climate on Andean Glaciers in Sync with Polar Ice

Despite variations in solar radiation between the two hemispheres, the study showed glacier changes in both regions occurred at the same time.