Deadline: August 15th – STUDENTS ONLY – WUWT Climate Change Essay Contest

We have already announced winners in the professional and general categories here. However, we did not get any student category entries. This may be due to COVID, time pressure during…

WEF: “The colour of democracy is green”

The World Economic Forum thinks there is a correlation between democratic freedom and commitment to renewable energy. But their green metric gives coal burning China a pass, and their freedom…

Rebels to the Coral Reef Cause (Part 1)

Everybody claims to care about the Great Barrier Reef, but very few people take the time to actually visit it. 

Hey Joe! How’s That “Incredible Transition” Going For Ya?

Guest “Incredible Transition” my @$$!” by David Middleton Does he even know what the initials EIA stand for? He wouldn’t sound nearly so moronic if he occasionally checked with the…

Climate Campaign to Eliminate Food Waste

A global green campaign is in progress to reduce farm acreage and eliminate food waste, to prevent climate change and over-exploitation of natural resources.

Trudeau’s Nitrogen Policy will Decimate Canadian Farming

Much like in the Netherlands, Justin Trudeau is bringing in a nitrogen emissions cap that will absolutely decimate Canadian farming.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #511

Experience keeps a dear [expensive] school, yet Fools will learn in no other.” — Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1743 [H/t Zero Hedge]