Hummus and Chickpeas. Lebanese-style hummus. Hummus is in a brown ceramic bowl, with an indentation at the center containing olive oil and chickpeas. Hummus is sprinkled at the edges with paprika. Photo by Mr Hassan. By Beyrouthhh at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, Link

Claim: Ukraine Conflict and Climate Change Striking Chickpea Production

Essay by Eric Worrall

What will Vegans do when their hummus goes AWOL? Bad weather and an interruption to Russian exports have apparently turned this into a climate change story.

Hummus shortages likely as climate change causes 20% drop in global chickpea supplies

By Maeve Campbell  with Reuters  •  Updated: 07/07/2022

Global supplies of chickpeas are expected to drop by 20 per cent this year, which means hummus could be harder to access in supermarkets. 

Farmers in the US – the no. 4 chickpea exporter – planted fewer chickpeas this year as poor weather bogged down spring planting and they prioritised more lucrative crops like wheat and corn, its government data shows.

Meanwhile, top buyers from South Asia and the Mediterranean are trying to scoop up dwindling US stocks as supplies shrink worldwide and as the war between Russia and Ukraine – both producers of chickpeas – exacerbates disruption to global supply chains.

Ukraine could not seed its total chickpea crop due to the war, removing 50,000 tonnes normally bound for Europe, adds Navneet Singh Chhabra, director of Shree Sheela International, a global chickpea trader and brokerage firm.

Sanctions aimed at cutting Russia’s access to the global financial system have also hampered purchases of its agricultural products, he said, as some buyers seek to avoid complications with payment. As a top chickpea exporter, Russia normally accounts for about 25 per cent of global trade, he said.

“Russia is exporting around 200,000 to 250,000 tonnes, minimum, per year. When the war started in February, the supply was destroyed, totally,” he said.

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I suspect the interruption to 30% of the world’s supply, which normally comes from Russia and Ukraine, might be a slightly more significant factor in this shortage than climate change. US growers prioritised other crops because the price of chickpeas was too low. That may change if the price spikes this year due to shortages.

Thankfully dried chickpeas at least can be stored for a long time, so if you like blending up your own hummus, an easy and thoroughly delicious alternative to store bought hummus, now might be a good time to buy some supplies.

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July 10, 2022 11:01 pm

Canned last for quite a while, too. The wife loves hummus, so one of the things I stocked up on this Spring was a lot of chickpeas – there must be at least thirty big cans still squirreled away.

I wish I could figure out how I get a “feeling” about things that are going to be in short supply – before the supply gets short. Last year, I picked up three years worth of pool chlorine – just one week before the first chemical plant fire clobbered that supply. If I could do that on demand, I could clean up financially.

Reply to  writing observer
July 11, 2022 11:51 am

Hold on to those cans as an investment.
Then you can sell them on the street for a big profit.
Tell everyone you made a killing in garbanzo futures.

We bought many cans yesterday to make hummus
for a birthday party Wednesday, featuring Lebanese
food (very popular in the Detroit suburbs)
Making hummus from dried chick peas is too much work.

Reply to  Richard Greene
July 11, 2022 2:27 pm

Wash, soak, drain – two or three cycles – then cook and drain. That’s not all that much work unless you are short on bowls or counter space.

I do get the canned, although we’re not short on those things – but it prevents conflict between the wife and I when she wants to make hummus, and I want to run up a big batch of chili. I insist on “from scratch,” but she isn’t quite as picky as I am.

Reply to  writing observer
July 11, 2022 9:31 pm

You’ve got to soak the garbanzos for 8 hours to significantly reduce their ability to cause flatulence. They take a long time to cook compared to the use of already cooked canned beans.

I prefer to make chili with vegetables and beans.
Hummus is not so great, but we are serving a lot of it
at the birthday party tomorrow night.
My home made chili proposal was shot down
by two pesky women who are coming over.
#$#@&$% vegetarians.

Ben Vorlich
July 10, 2022 11:06 pm

Good grief, amazing

An uprising fuelled by green madness… let the West beware: The anarchic scenes in Sri Lanka are a lesson for all governments in pursuing an economically illiterate agenda, says MARK ALMOND

Old Man Winter
Reply to  Ben Vorlich
July 11, 2022 5:37 am

The Sri Lankan PM’s plan came from the WEF. And the people aren’t happy!!! Given the mandate to
reduce nitrogen use in Holland & Canada, our “global masters” are trying to reduce food production.
Dutch farmers & fishermen are emptying food shelves & unfortunately, it may take “Going full Sri
Lanka” to put an end to this garbage. The MSM in the States isn’t even covering this.

Last edited 2 months ago by Old Man Winter
Reply to  Ben Vorlich
July 11, 2022 5:37 am

Not your term, but I would hardly call a nation facing starvation as “Anarchic”.

I would describe it as justified rage.

I was also shocked to read that a 37 year old January 6th political prisoner hung himself when his participation in the protest was elevated from a misdemeanour to terrorist activities, representing a long prison term.

From across the pond, I feel I’m witnessing the Communisation of America by the Biden regime. Like most people, I had hope the mid-terms would redress the balance but I now sincerely fear this tyrannical government has something else planned to distort the elections in their favour.

I watch Biden’s angry rantings, snarling expression, jabbing finger, and fist waving (when he’s not bumbling and mumbling), and can think of no comparison better than Adolf Hitler.

Reply to  HotScot
July 11, 2022 11:41 am

Oh, no need for the Democrats to distort the election. The Republicans are perfectly capable of losing all by themselves. And Dobbs, plus other “right-wing court” decisions will energize the electorate to vote against the “right-wing”.

Peta of Newark
July 11, 2022 12:29 am

Devils Avocado incoming…………

ha ha ha – there’s a win for The Climate.

Where’s a climate scientist, supercomputer and Will Happer to tell us all about how The Climate will be saved from the consequent reduction of human flatulence and gas?

Where are the doctors and medics ## to tell us about how much misery will be avoided from the consequent reduction in new auto-immune disorders and flare-ups in existing sufferers.
They might also talk about the reduction in new cancers, cancers that some from eating the sugar in those noxious weeds, also the unsaturated fat within them.
Or the dementias that come out of a lifetime of eating sugar?

Tell you what….
How abouts a genuine win win for the climate by turning over those low albedo desiccating highly fertilised, dust-bowl and irrigated deserts where that tasteless & toxic mush is grown – and turning those fields into high albedo perennially green fields that keep a few cows, (maybe just a sprinkling of) pigs, buffalo or bambi.
Maybe dot around a few trees, I hear that Quercus Tardifolia is needing a few new places to grow.
Apart from creating something proper for us humans to eat, they actually capture carbon.
Not that the captured carbon helps the climate, the captured carbon captures water within the soils of those fields and THAT controls the climate.

Then, when folks eating a cow-based diet return to reasonable health, (mentally especially) they will realise what a crock of shyte they’ve been told these last 30 and 40 years.
About everything.

Unintended consequences – thank you Vladimir. How many people will actually be helped by your actions yet they will never actualy be told (See ## below) nor even realise within themselves?

## The docs and medics are scheming their way into getting more people to eat that mush – so they can gain ever more patients for their quackery and drugs – most of them equally as toxic as the Chickpeas are.
And those patients will become lifetime consumers of their ‘drugs’
Nice work if you can get it.

Reply to  Peta of Newark
July 11, 2022 2:35 am

too true.
enjoy this everyone;-)
bugs feel it will be fun to see new laws and fees for approvals of painfree culling of bugs for food wont it

Richard Page
Reply to  ozspeaksup
July 11, 2022 9:29 am

Everything living feels pain – even plants but that hasn’t stopped vegetarians and vegans slaughtering them my the billions in some misguided idea that only cute animals actually feel pain. Life is about something dying so that something else can live, and it always has been – the only choice we make is what gets to die (and feel pain) so that we can live.

Reply to  ozspeaksup
July 11, 2022 11:42 am


Buck Fiden
July 11, 2022 12:32 am

Good news for the climate. 20% less methane from vegans breaking wind eating hummus.

July 11, 2022 12:33 am

What will Vegans do…

Switch to guacamole?

July 11, 2022 1:11 am

Notice how they always call it poor weather when its too cold. But if it’s drought or heatwave it’s the headline.

Michael in Dublin
Reply to  Simonsays
July 11, 2022 4:01 am

Have you noticed how they love using the adjective “extreme” to describe weather?
They have evidently not read Orwell’s scathing reprimand those abusing adjectives.

Mike Lowe
Reply to  Michael in Dublin
July 11, 2022 1:33 pm

Not to mention that everything these idiots don’t like is now “toxic”!

Old Cocky
July 11, 2022 1:12 am

Those figures look way low.

Australia exported close to 500,000 tons/year in 2018-2020, after demand fell away from a peak of over 1,500,000 tons (

Chickpeas are a semi-arid crop, so “poor weather” as far as they are concerned is usually “good weather” for winter cereal crops.

Reply to  Old Cocky
July 11, 2022 2:37 am

might tip farmer mates here to this were still in cold wet n frosty so time to buy for planting and our soils do chickpeas well

Old Cocky
Reply to  ozspeaksup
July 11, 2022 3:56 am

It’s a bit late for this year, unless the newer varieties handle really late sowing.

Pat from kerbob
July 11, 2022 1:16 am

US seeding is down because of bad weather?
Cold, late spring.
Clearly climate change, getting colder

Tom Abbott
July 11, 2022 2:25 am

From the article: “Russia is exporting around 200,000 to 250,000 tonnes, minimum, per year. When the war started in February, the supply was destroyed, totally,” he said.”

Was Russia storing their chickpea supply in Ukraine? How did Russia’s chickpea supply get totally destroyed by Putin’s war in/on Ukraine?

Last edited 2 months ago by Tom Abbott
Richard Page
Reply to  Tom Abbott
July 11, 2022 9:35 am

Yeah that comment is completely wrong – the Russian chickpea harvest has been unaffected by the war in Ukraine but sanctions have prevented the exporter from getting it to market. US led sanctions are the problem along with the war stopping Ukraine shipments.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Richard Page
July 11, 2022 3:20 pm

That makes more sense.

July 11, 2022 2:39 am

Russia also supplies massive amounts of Buckwheat that mideast n eu use a lot of..funny they omitted that?

Old Man Winter
Reply to  ozspeaksup
July 11, 2022 5:03 am

Russia & Ukraine produce over half of the world’s sunflowers & prices are now at record highs for
farmers in the far Northern Plains & S Canadian prairie. Last year, that area was in a drought. This
year, the crops are late but they’re getting enough rain.

July 11, 2022 3:21 am

Hmm(us), the whole foods shop 100 meters from my house has raw sesame seeds, along with pre-made tahini and chick-pea flour, and even raw chick-peas. Garlic, cumin, and salt are also there in abundance. Fresh lemons grow on either side of my house. I can make a few kilos of hummus in a half-hour or so. Perhaps I should do that. 😀

Reply to  Joe
July 11, 2022 5:50 am

yes, sell it on ebay at stupid prices.

Ron Long
July 11, 2022 3:25 am

Chickpeas are also called garbanzo beans in some cultures. I bought two cans of garbanzos two weeks ago. I must be mental.

Reply to  Ron Long
July 11, 2022 10:29 am

big difference between chickpeas and garbanzo beans.

hunter biden never paid $300 to have a garbanzo bean on his chest….

Richard Page
Reply to  DonM
July 11, 2022 4:59 pm


Reply to  Ron Long
July 11, 2022 12:30 pm

My rice cooker, a Zojirushi 3-cup, make a tasty rice medley for me: dried brown rice, chickpeas, lentils and some other bean that varies to fit my mood. Make a casserole dish full, store it on the refrigerator’s top shelf and use for a quick meal. I have found the stocking of dried chickpeas to be …spotty… at the Walmart this year.

Michael in Dublin
July 11, 2022 3:49 am

It would be ironic if the war between Russian and Ukraine ends up destroying the whole climate alarmist movement. If things go horribly awry for the West, their citizens will have to deal with far, far more serious concerns than fears of a 2-3C temperature increase by 2050. They may face famine threatening hundreds of millions of people in Africa and the Middle East – many of whom will flood into the EU.

The latest very unpolitically correct Jordan Peterson video “Russia Vs. Ukraine Or Civil War In The West?” is stunning. It is troubling that while the political leaders in the EU and West are intellectual midgets compared to Peterson, they are so haughty they will not even listen to his meticulous analysis and consider his careful reasoning. These are the same people, who when you try and explain to them that there is no climate emergency, cover their ears like a kid and shout “La La La.”

Last edited 2 months ago by Michael in Dublin
Reply to  Michael in Dublin
July 11, 2022 5:47 am

It would be ironic if the war between Russian and Ukraine ends up destroying the whole climate alarmist movement.

This one of Putin’s stated objectives.

July 11, 2022 4:07 am

Price of a can has doubled in the UK and the peas are smaller.

July 11, 2022 5:40 am

This story has two of the lying media’s bogeymen: Russia and climate change. I am surprised they didn’t find a way to blame Trump too, and then they would have the trifecta.

Richard Page
Reply to  Wade
July 11, 2022 9:39 am

Trump Derangement Syndrome is morphing into BoJo Derangement Syndrome here in the UK. Wait for Boris to be blamed for not having enough chickpeas!

July 11, 2022 7:22 am

Thankfully, chickpeas are in short supply — saving oh-so-many of us from having to politely scoop up various noxious flavors of hummus at holiday parties…….

Rich Davis
Reply to  Kip Hansen
July 11, 2022 6:24 pm

I like hummus. It doesn’t bother me that vegans like it too.

Joao Martins
July 11, 2022 9:15 am

What will Vegans do when their hummus goes AWOL?

They will develp a breeding (non-GM) program to produce non-belching, non-farting cows. And inscribing those (or other) cows in a “taxonomy” asserting they are green.

July 11, 2022 6:48 pm

All I can say is praise the lord I hate chickpea …. now a plague in Broadbeans and I would have a perfect world.

July 11, 2022 8:31 pm

Peas and beans can be substituted for each other, within reason. There are a number of peas, including field peas that I doubt they could tell the difference.

Any wailing from clueless vegans is just proof of their ignorance. Imagine blaming climate change because they don’t understand where, why and how their food is grown.

When in doubt use refried beans. None of that sissy paprika stuff, use ground hot peppers or ground chipotle if hot red peppers are too hot.

July 12, 2022 2:32 pm

So, a primary source of Middle Eastern food supply is NOT grown in Middle Eastern countries? They can’t feed themselves, can’t provide water for themselves, can’t provide medical care for themselves or educate their children. Why are we pissing away any resources on these socialist sub-human f*cks?

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