West Virgina v. EPA: Enthroning or Dethroning a Regulatory Czar?

In making his argument, Lazarus adopted the now-familiar debate tactic of accusing the opposing side of doing exactly what he and his side are doing, namely creating regulatory czars and,…

“Climate Change is not a financial risk”: HSBC Responsible Banking Head Resigns

“A cancel culture destroys wealth and progress” – Stuart Kirk’s warning to people who want to silence debate about green investments.

The Administrative State Moves to Show Who’s Boss on Energy Policy

…several agencies promptly doubled down on efforts to strangle the oil and gas industries with regulatory restrictions, essentially daring the courts or anyone else to stop them

LinkedIn Bans Scientist for Presenting Inconvenient Truths About CO2

His ‘crime’ consisted of posting charts from peer reviewed research

Since 2000 The Arctic’s Hudson Bay Has Cooled -0.35°C With 10 Of 15 Sites Gaining Sea Ice

From the NoTricksZone By Kenneth Richard on 7. July 2022 A new study (Gupta et al., 2022) indicates that from 2000-2019 73% of the 15 sites considered have been cooling and 67% have…

Electric police cars are ‘running out of puff’ and causing ‘lots of problems’

“Running out of puff and then having to get another vehicle” – Who could have guessed electric vehicles don’t have the stamina required for reliable police duty?