Aussie Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Fiddles While Australia's Energy Security Burns. Note this is a satirical photoshopped image.

Aussie PM: NSW Climate Change Floods are the Rest of the World’s Fault

Essay by Eric Worrall

If only you selfish Chinese and Americans and Europeans hadn’t burnt all that coal Australia keeps exporting. Of course, some NSW flood management projects might also have helped.

Albanese blames global inaction on climate change for flooding disaster in Sydney

By Lucy Cormack
July 6, 2022 — 5.55pm

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says a global failure to act on climate change has thrust disaster on the state’s flood-ravaged communities, as he visited the Hawkesbury to face locals inundated for the fourth time in 18 months.

In his first visit to the region, Albanese vowed to heed the lessons of the emergency and work with all levels of government on flood mitigation strategies in the national interest.

“My government has changed Australia’s position on climate change from day one,” he said.

The science told us that if we continued to not take action globally on climate change, then these events, extreme weather events, would be more often and more intense. And what we’re seeing, unfortunately, is that play out.”

The prime minister travelled to Windsor and Richmond on Wednesday with Premier Dominic Perrottet to survey the impacts of the flood, after receiving a briefing at the state emergency operations centre in Homebush.

Earlier he announced a $1000 disaster recovery payment to be made available to flood victims from Thursday, on top of initial disaster assistance already flagged this week.

The debate over the state government’s proposal to raise the Warragamba Dam wall has also been reignited by the flooding event. The $1 billion-plus plan to raise the wall by 14 metres has proven controversial, with opponents arguing it could impact the world heritage-listed Blue Mountains.

Read more:

Early Aussie colonists recorded massive and frequent floods in New South Wales, but please don’t go confusing the current climate change floods with the entirely natural floods which occurred in the 19th and 20th centuries.

There is an obvious solution – Aussie Prime Minister Albanese must immediately halt all coal exports, and stop all burning of coal in Australia, to help combat NSW flooding.

Aussie Prime Minister Albanese stopped short of demanding the rest of the world pay the flood repair bill, but I’m sure contributions would be welcome.

h/t Climate Believer – “It will flood again” – SES Flood video, a long list of historic NSW floods. There is nothing historically unusual about NSW experiencing a tight series of devastating floods. What is reprehensible is various Aussie governments have had almost two centuries to address the issue, but politicians are still dragging their feet, making excuses and blaming others instead of acting to fix the problem.

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July 6, 2022 6:05 pm

That is how the left rolls … we Australians are now ‘victims’.

I’m sashaying to the front of the queue to get my part of the pie ! /s

Craig from Oz
Reply to  Streetcred
July 6, 2022 7:49 pm

If we are going to be victims we may as well go full and declare we are a Developing Country as well.

I mean it wouldn’t be THAT hard. Go out beyond the Latte Zone and you will find people living in dry creek beds using dogs for warmth AND the government supporting that lifestyle by default.

Come on UN, gets some of those African nations where people don’t live in creek beds to give us some development bucks!

Tom Halla
July 6, 2022 6:21 pm

It is a La Nina year, so Australia is wet and the US West is in a drought.

Reply to  Tom Halla
July 7, 2022 3:04 pm

I have it from an impeccable lefty source that it’s a triple La Nina so Airbus Albo is telling porkies-
‘Triple La Niña’: Australia may face another summer of flooding rains, US expert warns | La Niña | The Guardian

July 6, 2022 6:29 pm

Might be trying to shift the blame instead of f$#king Australia next step admit co2 is not the cause
Soon if the current situation persists industry will leave the country

Richard Page
Reply to  H B
July 7, 2022 9:18 am

Of course they are. Green politicians are like little children – nothing is ever their fault; it’s about time we found some adults to elect instead.

July 6, 2022 6:31 pm

Sorry about that, folks. Our new PM is not demented like ole Pres Biden. Our PM is just dumb. Unfortunately, he was also voted in by the even dumber some of whom are asking why it’s still flooding now a Climate Change believer has been elected. They have all built in flood plains and strangely, at least according to these folk, flood plains tend to flood especially when there has been a La Nina around for a while. These are the same people who believed there was no point in building more dams or in lifting dam walls for greater storage for flood protection because it was never going to rain again. That advice was issued by our then Climate Czar, one Tim Flannery, an anthropologist by training.

Reply to  Quilter52
July 6, 2022 7:34 pm

Tim Flannery has swallowed the AGW nonsense.
As a scientist he should know some basic science .
CO2 on its own cannot make cold air hold more water vapour.
The theory is that CO2 will warm the atmosphere and the warmer atmosphere will absorb more water .
It is mid winter in Australia and the air is a lot colder than in the peak of summer .
We have had over a year of La Nina weather conditions in Aus and NZ.
This rainfall cannot be blamed on rising CO2 levels .
I would blame government inaction .Build some dams upriver and clear the flood channels .
I would point out that flooding on the lower Waikato river in NZ used to be a regular occurrence .
There are now eight hydro dams on the river that do a great job of holing back flood waters and as they are remotely controlled they can be turned on and off as needed .
Oh I forgot you can’t block rivers any more .Just let them run free and moan about the destructive floods .

Tom in Florida
Reply to  Quilter52
July 7, 2022 4:35 am

Our President is both dumb and demented, in that order.

July 6, 2022 6:35 pm

The storm the hit NSW this winter is an East Coast Low (ECL)

CAGW alarmist models suggest Summer ECL will be stronger and more frequent BUT Winter ECLs will be weaker and less frequent.

This current ECL storm directly contradicts CAGW theory.

Robert B
Reply to  waza
July 6, 2022 9:56 pm

“Looking at all the lows since 1973 there is no evidence of a trend.”

Richard Page
Reply to  Robert B
July 7, 2022 9:19 am

Is there a correlation between La Nina years?

Robert B
Reply to  Richard Page
July 7, 2022 2:02 pm

No mention in the link and the BOM page on La Nina’s.

With regards to the original comment, they point out a correlation between severe flooding and La Nina years (twice as many floods) but only in the summer. Since ECL are usually responsible, I suspect that there is a correlation. The worst storms off the NSW coast seem to correlate with La Nina years.

Steve Case
July 6, 2022 6:36 pm

“The science told us that if we continued to not take action globally on climate change, then these events, extreme weather events, would be more often and more intense. And what we’re seeing, unfortunately, is that play out.”

After viewing the video link, it is obvious that floods have been happening right along making the quote above obvious bullshit.

Reply to  Steve Case
July 7, 2022 5:11 am

You know the rot has set in when our leaders deliberately lie or are irresponsibly ignorant of the facts and most of us just nod along with them.

Richard Page
Reply to  Jit
July 7, 2022 3:30 pm

All leaders lie; it’s when they get caught out in an obvious and easily avoidable lie that it becomes a problem.

Alan the Brit
Reply to  Richard Page
July 10, 2022 1:27 am

You can tell they’re lying, because their lips are moving!!! ;-))

July 6, 2022 6:41 pm

So, that is what a modern version of Nero looks like…

Reply to  rhs
July 7, 2022 2:22 am

except hes ZERO not nero

Richard Page
Reply to  rhs
July 7, 2022 9:23 am

Is it just me or does Anthony Albanese look a bit like Michael Gove?

Reply to  Richard Page
July 7, 2022 10:26 am

There is some similarity – spectacles, and hairline.
But Gove has that rabbit in the headlights look, that usually means he’s been caught plotting, again!
[Thanks to an acolyte of the disgraced and departing Boris for that, and the sobriquet ‘snake’ used about Gove.]


July 6, 2022 6:43 pm

The IPCC Summary for Policy Makers under Figure SPM.3 | Synthesis of assessed observed and attributable regional changes clearly shows NSW (AEU eastern Australia) as has having:-

Low agreement for type of change in droughts
Low agreement in type of change of extreme precipitation.
Low confidence in level of human contribution to change.

The region has had floods and droughts before and will again.
The events occur due to different competing weather phenomena.

Ron Long
July 6, 2022 6:47 pm

Repeated flooding at 12 to 14 meters above normal river level? And now we are to believe coal/oil/SUV’s/methane etc have become the cause? Tie my kangeroo down (I don’t have any idea what that means but it sounds great).

Reply to  Ron Long
July 7, 2022 2:24 am

[Threats of violence, even if rhetorical, not allowed. Mod]

tying albo down IN one of the flood prone creeks seems a nice idea about now

Reply to  Ron Long
July 7, 2022 6:21 am

Richard Page
Reply to  DonK31
July 7, 2022 9:26 am

It’s really difficult to watch this as an innocent song without looking for some dodgy euphemism or double entendre now.

July 6, 2022 6:52 pm

Using BS victim/perpetrator neo Marxism.
Canadians will benefit from Climate Change and Australians will suffer.

Clearly Canadians must pay to put these flooded houses on stilts. 🙂

Reply to  waza
July 6, 2022 10:03 pm

Australians will benefit too, more rain would be the best guess in a warmer world. The Sahara Desert was a forest 8K yrs ago when the world was much warmer.

Depends on prevailing winds and weather patterns, but not really worth planning on it, considering it’s only averaging out to 0.15°C/decade, even less in the southern hemisphere iirc, because of all the water and Antarctica to keep temperatures down.

The Ozzies should really give the rest of the world a big raised middle finger, saying the climate emergency doesn’t exist, if it did exist Oz didn’t start or maintain it, and it won’t affect them anyway.

3 strikes, climate crisis is out, as our American cousins would say.

Richard Page
Reply to  PCman999
July 7, 2022 9:28 am

Yup. You didn’t start the fire. You didn’t light it but you tried to fight it….

Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia
July 6, 2022 7:06 pm

Albanese sounds so stupid climbing on board the climate change bandwagon just after he has committed to continuing to use coal for the foreseeable future. Stop exporting our coal if you really believe this, Albanese, keep it in the ground.

Reply to  Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia
July 6, 2022 9:44 pm

Also his Frequent Flyer points have risen exponentially since he came into Office, rather like his, ahem, Carbon Footprint judging by the whistle stop tour of the world he has just undertaken….

Reply to  Fin
July 7, 2022 6:24 am

To paraphrase Climate Czar John Kerry…I’m too important to live by the same rules that I want to impose on you.

Reply to  DonK31
July 7, 2022 2:22 pm

That sounds sadly familiar after the events of the last 48hrs in the UK.
Margaret said….”funny old world” when the “tipping point” came.
Bojo said there are ! eccentrics out there…

Richard Page
Reply to  pigs_in_space
July 7, 2022 3:34 pm

BoJo’s point wasn’t that those ‘eccentric’s’ were ‘out there’ but they were right in there, with him and ‘eccentric’ was a euphemism for totally bonkers!

Reply to  Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia
July 6, 2022 10:12 pm

Don’t give him ideas…..

These modern politicians don’t give a damn about the wellbeing of the voters, only care about the environmental special interests feeding their campaign.

If did champion a coal-in-the-hole campaign, the media would lionize him, the political class would make sure he got a Nobel, the Pope would kiss his ring, and the people of Oz would be shafted and made to feel guilty if they complained that the resultant poverty was for nothing.

Last edited 2 months ago by PCman999
Old Man Winter
July 6, 2022 7:08 pm

“An obvious question is how do our modern droughts and floods stack up against earlier events? Of the five most extreme single years of drought in the past 500 years (when averaged across all of eastern Australia), not one occurred after 1900.

In contrast, two of the five wettest years in our data took place after 1950 (2011 was the wettest year in the 513-year record). The 1700s were particularly dry with three of the five worst drought years, but also notably had the most prolonged wet period (1730-60).

In eastern Australia, wet and dry conditions cycle back and forth over several decades, driven by the oceans around us.”

Australia is possibly getting wetter. An old farmer’s saying- “rain makes grain”.

Alan M
Reply to  Old Man Winter
July 7, 2022 6:16 am

Obviously the Conservation article is pre their censuring of opinion they disagree with

Richard Hill
July 6, 2022 7:11 pm

It is wrong to blame the politicians for the current climate frenzy.
We don’t need politicians who ignore advice from qualified people.
The blame lies squarely on leaders of the scientific community.
A politician should listen to the leaders of bodies like the AAAS, RS, CSIRO,,,
A senior scientist by the time they reach their position should know 4 basic things.

  1. Uncertainty is rampant.
  2. Correlation is not causation.
  3. Computer models are not trustworthy.
  4. People are not trustworthy.

The senior scientists have shown that they are deficient in these 4 things with respect to climate.
The senior scientific community does not need to know anything about climate science, but they should be able to advise politicians to be careful.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Richard Hill
July 7, 2022 9:30 am

“The blame lies squarely on leaders of the scientific community.”

Yes. They should know better.

Old Man Winter
July 6, 2022 7:20 pm

On the propaganda front of climate change- which is what Albanese’s comment is really all about-
a breakthrough on classifying nuclear & natty gas elsewhere as being green, too, may help ease the
pressure on Oz to go Full Tilt Green Crazy.

Last edited 2 months ago by Old Man Winter
July 6, 2022 7:23 pm

Can someone tell me if the current weather could be related to the Tongan volcano?

Reply to  Eric Worrall
July 6, 2022 10:19 pm

All that extra coal burning in the rest of the world – Germany I am looking at you – is causing a similar affect as volcanic ash high up in the sky.

Or it’s El Nina.

Or it’s not.


Alan M
Reply to  PCman999
July 7, 2022 6:24 am

Or all that burning of low ash high energy coal on the otherside of the world, or hemisphere is causing increase abnormal weather back home. Oh except that it’s not actually out of the ordinary, aah well, must be aah bugger

Craig from Oz
July 6, 2022 7:43 pm

What is the recent quote from An Al?

The one where we were going to go to battery storage because if we could store water we could store electricity?

Well… Looks like you are rubbish at storing water.

Old Man Winter
Reply to  Craig from Oz
July 6, 2022 8:07 pm

““You can say the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine. Well, the rain doesn’t always fall either but we managed to store the water,” Bowen said.

“An Al”- ISWYDT 🙂 🙂 🙂

July 6, 2022 7:49 pm

Build a house in a flood plain, may as well build it in the river itself. Trying to prevent man made climate change will never stop the floods from occurring. Proper council planning and flood mitigation… That’s what’s really needed.

Michael ElliottMichael Elliott
Reply to  aussiecol
July 6, 2022 8:41 pm

All of our present problems can be solved by large scale engineering schemes.

Snag is that they will cost a lot of money.

Politicians are chasing votes, so they will continue to use the taxpayers money to sweeten the vote in the marginal seats.

As for the number one basic problem, that of affordable electricity, more coal fired power stations, plus drilling & fracking.

As for the nutty Greens, find a Island & and deport them.

See how long they last without the comforts of modern energy generation.

Nature is not like Walt Disney’s lovely creations.

It cruel,, hard & real.

Michael VK5ELL

July 6, 2022 8:22 pm

“Aussie Prime Minister Albanese stopped short of demanding the rest of the world pay the flood repair bill, but I’m sure contributions would be welcome.”

If I can locate a busted oil company single share stock certificate, I’d consider sending it to PM Albanese… It could be worth $0.0006 Australian cents per share.

If Albanese sends me the international postage, first.

There are lots of failed oil stocks out there! It’s finding a single share at actual value, that is tough

Last edited 2 months ago by ATheoK
Richard Page
Reply to  ATheoK
July 7, 2022 9:31 am

I’ll see if I can find some empty sand bags to send to him (sorry can’t help with filling them).

July 6, 2022 8:34 pm

Tim “flim flam” Flannery has blamed climate change for the flooding in NSW. I remember when he blamed climate change for the droughts and infamously stated that “the rains that fall won’t actually fill our dams & river systems”!
What a clown shoe!

Reply to  Kentlfc
July 7, 2022 2:28 am

he bought riverfront land
i DO hope the mongrel got well n truly flooded

a happy little debunker
July 6, 2022 8:51 pm

“My government has changed Australia’s position on climate change from day one,” 
Shame that no Australians voted for you to do it.
Those votes went to The Greens & their erstwhile associates ‘the (small t) teals’
Shame that 80% of voters didn’t vote for anything like your new found commitments.
Shame that you were off hobnobbing with your euro-sicko-fants whilst drowned.

You outta resign in shame…

July 6, 2022 8:56 pm

The rhetoric is amusing – remember the fires a couple of summers ago and the drought in S. Africa, and how the alarmists were saying that “You’d better get used to drought being the new normal.” Now it’s wet and everyone forgets about the fires and the dry.

I lived in Sydney from 1989-1992, and the three summers I was there were floods and cool temps, then drought and hot temps, then floods and cool temps. Seemed pretty normal to all the locals up at Narrabeen…

Reply to  BrentC
July 6, 2022 10:38 pm

They’ve all gone woke on the peninsula now. Apparently Flim Flam bought a house at Manly and it’s been said that Cannon-Brookes owns numerous properties on the Northern Beaches. That there’s ‘teal’ country now.

Reply to  Megs
July 7, 2022 2:30 am

funny how they managed to make the combo of red/green into teal?
when any kid knows the result of mixing the two is Sh*T brown
and boy that IS what we are stuck with, like on the proverbial blanket

July 6, 2022 9:23 pm

I assume they will happily be held liable in court then for all coal they have sold for all weather damages? Seriously, these leftists have no other card to play. But what is the end game? We’re going on 30 years of this farce, but eventually it will be no longer effective. Will they just quietly move on to some new boogieman? Will the public ever hold these ppl accountable for the most costly lie in the history of society? I doubt it.

Ireneusz Palmowski
July 6, 2022 10:57 pm

Very low winter temperatures in Argentina and South Africa. It is important to note that the low minimum temperatures occur during times of high pressure over the continent. comment image

Ireneusz Palmowski
July 6, 2022 11:01 pm

Highs in the western tropical Pacific. La Niña works. It will rain in eastern Australia as cold fronts from the south arrive.comment image

Rod Evans
July 7, 2022 12:00 am

Politicians are temporary influencers on matters of the moment and have next to no impact on anything of significance, long term.
Politicians are always late comers to the party.
Trade routes across the world that form the backbone of our interconnected world, were set up by traders, not politicians.
Instant communications on which we all depend were established by engineers, not politicians.
Infrastructure that carries our goods and the power that everyone relies on, were set up by engineers, not politicians.

The list goes on, The point I make is this.
Where do politicians get the idea from that they are important and ‘must’ be listened to?
Other than in totalitarian countries, where the leader declares everyone voted for him ( it’s pretty much always him), what political leader in any free country free to elect their politicians, can claim they have the majority of the voter’s support?
The political reality is none can.
With that elephant sized political reality out there. it may be time for politicians and ‘leaders’ to be a little more measured in their over blown pronouncements.
They should remember, the majority of voters did not vote for them!

Last edited 2 months ago by Rod Evans
Clarky of Oz
July 7, 2022 12:08 am

Methinks the “Lucky County” has just run out of luck.

July 7, 2022 12:25 am

Steve Baker is considering running for prime minister, and if he won he would dismantle many of Boris Johnson’s green policies, the MP has said.

Richard Page
Reply to  Vuk
July 7, 2022 9:34 am

It might be interesting but he’s pretty much an outside chance in the race. Not sure he’d get enough support.

Reply to  Richard Page
July 7, 2022 10:35 am

And the Grauniad and the Bolshevist Bias Corporation are against him, for sure, now he’s said he’s not Bright Green . . . .


July 7, 2022 12:26 am

Face it: there’s no level of NSW flood management project which would deal with 8 months rain in 4 days, or the 3 months in 2 days previously seen (or even the record floods for 60 years seen last year). The scale of precipitation caused by climate change simply isn’t manageable.

No more than it was in China, Germany and Canada with their 1 in 1,000 year events last year.

This is climate change and this is why it is a problem.

though he does have a nerve, blaming the world for burning what Australia exported

Rod Evans
Reply to  griff
July 7, 2022 12:35 am

Griff, you are again confusing weather with climate.
Floods are a feature of weather, as are droughts and other events like hurricanes and extended periods of still air.
The weather has a lot to answer for, politicians well they come and they go…sometimes.

Right-Handed Shark
Reply to  griff
July 7, 2022 1:35 am

You forgot to mention that the rain is also 6% wetter.

Reply to  griff
July 7, 2022 2:51 am

“The scale of precipitation “

Still hawking that 6% wetter idea, griff?

If only you could say the same for the UK in 2022. But you can’t because this year is noticeably a lot drier than last year was.

You can’t point to single events or years as proof of anything.

Last edited 2 months ago by fretslider
Otway warrior
Reply to  griff
July 7, 2022 6:18 am

Griff….would it be fair to assume coal burners would just get their coal elsewhere if Oz didn’t supply it?

Richard Page
Reply to  griff
July 7, 2022 9:40 am

There has been documented severe flooding in and around Sydney for over 100 years but you are telling me that coal exports in the last few years are totally to blame? Words are completely inadequate to express the shame I feel that we are both of the same thinking humans species.

Reply to  griff
July 7, 2022 2:32 pm

Griff the arch plonker does it again.

Derek Wood
July 7, 2022 1:18 am

I’m pretty sure that I read somewhere, maybe forty years or so ago, long before CO2 related climate change was officially invented(I use the word advisedly), that It was never a good idea to build Sydney in an area which was known to flood on a regular basis. I can’t seem to find it now, all my searches scream “Climate Change”.

Joe Gordon
July 7, 2022 2:13 am

I wonder, with Boris Symonds forced into an early retirement, if his replacement could be any worse. These days, it seems to be a race amongst the so-called democracies to see who can make Atlas shrug first.

Reply to  Joe Gordon
July 7, 2022 2:23 am

 if his replacement could be any worse.”

Parliament – the uber public school with house names like Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, Conservative etc – is going net zero, period. Those who object or protest can be de-selected quite easily – no new candidate would be approved without an oath of fealty to the warming narrative.

Brexit is another matter….

Last edited 2 months ago by fretslider
July 7, 2022 2:19 am

Spoken like a true Albanian descendant.

Enver would be impressed….

July 7, 2022 2:20 am

at least Bidets got senility as an excuse
Albos just a d*ckhead and thick as a plank!
noted how fast ms WEF devotee Ardern managed to get herself to aus to “help” aus set itself back a 100yrs as shes doing at home
and god help us we have nearly 3 yrs of this cretinous excuse for a leader to ruin us in.
handing 30mil and more to ukraine for some media lurve should be a warning to all

Peta of Newark
July 7, 2022 2:26 am

Sad isn’t it…
Here’s this guy, newly elected on the basis of promises promises promises that he was going to make things better and straight away, they go a bit pear shaped

So what does he do, something positive to fix the situation?
Hell no,he goes into pathetic little cry-baby mode and blames everybody else.

Send him back ‘Under Warranty’ as Not Fit For Purpose.
Demand a refund.

And then, what got me going was is my latest email from California Agnet – bleating on about the same thing but different (drought) except on the opposite side of the Pacific. Obviously.

The email included the attached photo.

As regards both California and probably Australia, and knowing me knowing you, look at that photo and tell me (I don’t need to know, I already do, tell yourself) what is wrong in that photo and how it relates to this story…

Click here when you know
Those orchard trees should go left to right, across the hillside, NOT straight up and down the hill and thus catch rainwater and not dump it straight into the lake.. Muppetry like that is what makes floods and changes climate.

Cali Agnet Pic 070722.jpg
Richard Page
Reply to  Peta of Newark
July 7, 2022 9:42 am


Steve Beck
July 7, 2022 4:25 am

I just figured out what the Great Australian Plan was.

1st We shut down all the Mental Institutions and feed the insane drugs.
2nd We move all the insane to Canberra and vote them into office.
3rd Australia is run by the insane.
4th We all go crazy.
5th Game over – Do you wish to play again.

Tom in Florida
July 7, 2022 5:00 am

Evidence that what one does locally to abate “climate change” has no effect. So why put yourself in a hole when it means nothing overall.

July 7, 2022 6:04 am

Sadly, one cannot vaccinate against stupidity, which is clearly contagious amongst politicians.

Michael in Dublin
July 7, 2022 6:10 am

and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been lecturing Australians on “the violence of climate change.” She and her ilk are truly deceitful people.

Edward Sager
July 7, 2022 6:57 am

I suspect that Albanese is suffering from the Dunning-Kruger Effect — a cognitive bias in which people wrongly overestimate their knowledge or ability in a specific area. This tends to occur because a lack of self-awareness prevents them from accurately assessing their own skills. In simpler terms, there are people who are too dumb to know how dumb they are. This is common among many politicians, such as Canada’s prime minister Trudeau and his cabinet.

Richard Page
Reply to  Edward Sager
July 7, 2022 9:49 am

I get that the Dunning-Kruger effect would likely manifest with these people thinking they were as smart as anyone else, but they don’t – they really do think they are geniuses in a crowd of idiots. It’s laughable, sad and quite scary all at the same time!

Andy Pattullo
July 7, 2022 9:00 am

How is blaming anyone but yourself, and having no solutions a political strategy? This is what we get when politics becomes a beauty contest for fabulous unattainable promises of utopia.

Last edited 2 months ago by Andy Pattullo
July 7, 2022 9:10 am

Max Egan an Australian in exile in Mexico (covid) believes it is being done via weather modification and has video proof to back up his claim.(very interesting, take a look) CC is now the most used excuse around the world for all the ills of any countries woos . Why should history have an bearing on reality when CC can come to the rescue . We are in deep doo doo from these bought and paid for politicians Rain rain go away but come on back each and every day..Just like covid relief in the USA a big woof the 1000.00 will do to help these flood victims Australia is the test case for the NWO. IMHO

Richard Page
Reply to  HOJO
July 7, 2022 9:54 am

Blaming weather on climate change or weather modification/manipulation are both symptoms of people trying to find a solution without having the skillset or intelligence to search for the correct answer. In the past it would have been an ‘Act of God’, before that it would have been angry nature spirits – both would have required the appropriate sacrifices or appeasements and the silencing of doubters or naysayers.

Kevin McNeill
July 7, 2022 10:03 am

The simple solution is not to build on a flood plain.

Martin Pinder
July 7, 2022 11:18 am

Extreme weather events? That’s not what the science is telling us. As for all the water, they can send some of it to us in the UK. We haven’t had any significant rain since early March. It’s as dry as bone.

Richard Page
Reply to  Martin Pinder
July 7, 2022 3:42 pm

Really? Up until the end of last week we’ve been getting regular showers every couple of days – last nights rain was the first for a few days but we’re hardly dry.

July 7, 2022 3:13 pm

What I wrote on the social media page of a friend blaming Climate Change for floods:
40 odd years ago, I was interested in buying land at McGrath’s Hill until a work-mate advised against, saying it was a flood area. Eventually I purchased on the other side of the mighty Hawkesbury, high and dry though subject to isolation by flood waters. McGrath’s Hill was subject to an evacuation order just before midnight last Monday. Nothing much has changed in 40 years and the record flood level is still 1867. The local original inhabitants (Dharug) never settled in the valley because they knew the danger.

July 7, 2022 4:27 pm

This week flooding in Windsor (NSW) peaked at almost 14 metres. However in 1867 the water there peaked at 63 feet or an amazing 19 metres. The bad news for Sydney-siders is that floods have been happening there for all time. However the ABC and BOM don’t mention that fact.

Reply to  nicholas tesdorf
July 8, 2022 11:10 pm
J P Kalishek
July 7, 2022 4:34 pm

But I was assured that drought was the new normal for NSW and Oz in general due to much the same reasons.

Reply to  J P Kalishek
July 8, 2022 11:11 pm

Australia, the land of droughts and flooding rains ……. Dorothea McKellar “My Country”.

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