Aussie ABC: Electric Vehicles Could Overload the Grid

“At the moment our electricity grid is not coping at all”: According to Origin Energy, a major Aussie supplier, unless smart chargers are used to shift EV charging load away…

USDA Food Waste Climate Initiative Tells People How to Compost

Your tax dollars at work – I read this three times and it still looks like a word salad. But there is a disturbing question – why?

How Long Has He Been Standing There?

Guest “Scale and context” by David Middleton I just noticed this 2019 Time magazine cover in a LinkedIn post this morning. CTM covered it back in 2019 when he reposted…

US Navy to Hold a Climate Change War Game

The US Navy is holding an open source table top war game, to model how climate change could affect future conflicts.

Truing Electricity Competition in Georgia (and a roadmap for the other states)

 “The proper aim of consumer groups and free market advocates should be not to force utilities to allow others to use their private property but to reduce the impediments to…

Assessing The Environmental Impact of Nuclear Power Generation

Life cycle resource use of nuclear power generation considering total material requirement