Aussie Climate & Energy Minister: Nuclear Advocates are “Dangerously Ignorant”

“Firmed renewables are quicker to build and cheaper to operate. Those who say otherwise are either dangerously ignorant or simply seeking to perpetuate the climate wars.” 

Former Bush Official Urges more US China Climate Change Cooperation

The CCP mouthpiece China Daily has quoted former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson speaking at a Chinese sponsored conference, urging more cooperation with China to defeat Climate Change. But the…

Biden Ahead of Schedule in Destroying US Offshore Oil Production

Guest “First, the good news” by David Middleton JUNE 21, 2022EIA expects nine new Gulf of Mexico natural gas and crude oil fields to start in 2022 In our June…

Claim: Climate Science can Change Minds, but Skeptics Undo Progress

According to Associate Professor Thomas Wood, the impact of climate education is so fragile, exposure to climate skeptic voices rapidly undoes progress in changing minds.

DISCLOSING THE REAL “CLIMATE RISK”: CASE STUDY: UK “ESG” Billionaire Behind U.S. Climate Regulatory, Litigation Campaigns

British billionaire and “ESG” hedge fund manager Sir Christopher Hohn has directed scores of millions of dollars to the climate advocacy industry driving investment to ESG

Amazingly, Buzzfeed Readers Don’t Realize They Did This to Themselves

the same ones who cheered the shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline – now can’t believe the prices they must pay for gas. The same people who thought stimulus checks were…