Heatwave Lockdowns Have Arrived

Region in France bans outdoor gatherings & concerts until officials declare heatwave over

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France implements heatwave lockdown

Counter Signal: “Everyone now faces a health risk,” official Fabienne Buccio told France Bleu radio, after announcing the regional restrictions around Bordeaux. Officials in France banned people from attending concerts, outdoor gatherings, and events due to safety concerns over a heatwave. … Outdoor events – including, ironically, annual ‘Resistance’ celebrations – are banned until the officials declare the heatwave is over. They’re even restricting some indoor events that don’t have air conditioning. … Nonetheless, rather than let people take responsibility for themselves – to hydrate or stay home – French officials are comfortable deciding for them.

By: Admin – Climate Depot

June 17, 2022 4:02 PM


Officials in France banned people from attending concerts, outdoor gatherings, and events due to safety concerns over a heatwave.

“Everyone now faces a health risk,” official Fabienne Buccio told France Bleu radio, after announcing the regional restrictions around Bordeaux.

Outdoor events – including, ironically, annual ‘Resistance’ celebrations – are banned until the officials declare the heatwave is over. They’re even restricting some indoor events that don’t have air conditioning.

However, private weddings are still allowed.

Temperatures reportedly hit 40 degrees Celsius on Thursday, and the heatwave is expected to peak on Saturday.

Nonetheless, rather than let people take responsibility for themselves – to hydrate or stay home – French officials are comfortable deciding for them.

Indeed, democratic governments seem comfortable stripping citizens’ freedoms for safety as of late. From COVID lockdowns to climate.

Recently, The Counter Signal reported that climate change lockdowns were likely on the horizon.

For example, unelected IGOs recently advised the British government to outright ban driving on Sundays to curb rising gas prices and address an energy crisis.

The advisement came from the International Energy Agency (IEA) as part of a 10-point plan, central to which is achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

And this isn’t as conspiratorial as it might sound.

For example, while speaking on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO), International Council of Nurses CEO Howard Catton claimed that climate change is the “grandmother of all health threats,” suggesting that the WHO may get involved with climate change-related health risks, like heatwaves, in the future.

Moreover, Nicole Schwab, the daughter of World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab) recently said she wants governments to take advantage of COVID infrastructure and policies to fight climate change.

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June 18, 2022 6:06 am

Little Napoleon is convinced that he is the Sun King Louis XIV.

Carbon Bigfoot
Reply to  Vuk
June 18, 2022 11:12 am

Break out the blade…just sayin

Reply to  Carbon Bigfoot
June 18, 2022 12:26 pm

Quartering was much more ‘fun’, masses would congregate there to watch it all happening.
People were very disappointed when they came to witness a guillotine execution. The entertainment was watching the accused slow and excruciating end, but with the guillotine it was nearly instant.

Alexy Scherbakoff
Reply to  Vuk
June 18, 2022 4:11 pm

Outdoor events are banned if it’s too hot. Make it like a Eurovision thing on tv.

Reply to  Vuk
June 19, 2022 12:11 am

I’ve always thought the US notion of tar and feathering politicians had great merit. I made that suggestion on Twitter once and got suspended until I patiently explained to one of their know-nothing censors it was a historical term and that I didn’t mean it literally.

Reply to  Vuk
June 19, 2022 9:59 am

Not just him, other will be attempting to start restrictions on just about anything they want. Worked w/the virus shockingly well, so they’re keeping up the momentum to achieve total compliance to whatever dictums they wish to issue.

June 18, 2022 6:10 am

Only criminals go out to get ice cream in hot weather.

Rich Davis
Reply to  Scissor
June 18, 2022 7:22 am

Careful, that’s our esteemed President you’re describing!

Reply to  Rich Davis
June 18, 2022 9:39 am

I rest my case.

June 18, 2022 6:15 am

Quick! Hit the panic button!!! Help, Gai save us!!! It is a hot day. It has NEVER in the history of the UNIVERSE been HOT before. Oh woe is us. Let’s all burn a few books and sacrifice a virgin to Gai to repent our sin of trying to lead decent normal and comfortable lives. We NEVER imagined (at least since last Tuesday) that it could be this bad. Let’s all panic and run through the streets naked and repent our awful awful sins. (P.S. Please don’t forget to write a check.)

Reply to  Marty
June 18, 2022 7:25 am

Let’s all panic and run through the streets naked

No. Just no.
I have been to the beach on the island of St. Martin.
I have seen. You do not need to see this. Trust me, just say no.

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  TonyL
June 18, 2022 8:14 am

Obviously there would be a selection process.

Richard Page
Reply to  Jeff Alberts
June 18, 2022 1:41 pm

Didn’t some Italian politician try that for Italian beaches?

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  Richard Page
June 18, 2022 1:59 pm

I would definitely volunteer for that committee.

Reply to  Jeff Alberts
June 19, 2022 12:17 am

Jeff, have you seen the bodies on the Florida beaches? Trust me, you probably would not be happy volunteering for that committee.

Carbon Bigfoot
Reply to  Marty
June 18, 2022 11:14 am

Its Gaia

Reply to  Carbon Bigfoot
June 18, 2022 11:56 am

Gai to her friends.

Jeff Alberts
Reply to  MarkW
June 18, 2022 2:00 pm

G to close friends.

Doug Huffman
Reply to  Jeff Alberts
June 19, 2022 4:35 am

Xhe to the woke.

Mike McMillan
Reply to  Marty
June 18, 2022 2:53 pm
Reply to  Mike McMillan
June 18, 2022 11:47 pm

OK, Mann et al has convinced me that what this person said is 100% true.

“I am becoming absolutely certain that there is other life in the Universe and Earth is the insane asylum of the universe. Cheers!”
Tracy Kingston

Reply to  Marty
June 19, 2022 12:15 am

I think it’s past time to find the withches who are causing all this and burn them at the stake like they did for a (brief) time in Salem and a long time in Europe!

June 18, 2022 6:36 am

Cold kills more than heat. Will there be extreme cold lock down this winter? I think being outside in – 40 C is much more dangerous than being outside at + 40 C.

Reply to  Bruce
June 18, 2022 7:13 am

Bruce I am sure you are aware with all this global warming -40 is now -39 😉

Reply to  Bruce
June 18, 2022 7:15 am

A mask should help…

“Germany mulls making masks mandatory ‘from October to Easter’ “


How free is that!

Reply to  fretslider
June 18, 2022 11:49 pm

As I watch Germany over the last few years, more and more I understand how Hitler came to power and did all his evil deeds.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  .KcTaz
June 19, 2022 2:58 am


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

We see it coming. Good people need to do something.

Maybe there will be a lot of good people doing something in the next election. Like electing sane leaders and throwing these leftwing, totalitarian radicals on the ashheap of history.

Reply to  Bruce
June 18, 2022 10:24 am

-40 c of -40 F at that point what difference does make. Some of us know, none. That where the scales meet.

Doug Huffman
Reply to  Bruce
June 19, 2022 4:37 am

The Obama’s bought a 2,500 gallon propane tank for their Martha’s Vineyard estate. I am already nagging my supplier to fill my 500 gallon with a promise to top off in October. Fuel prices ain’t going down.

All my neighbors’ wood yards are full of wood for sale – in June!

Reply to  Doug Huffman
June 19, 2022 8:44 am

‘When the white man has a big pile of firewood, it’s going to be a long, cold winter’ an old ‘Indian’ saying…..

Dr. Bob
June 18, 2022 6:46 am

“Those that give up freedom for safety deserve neither.” ~Benjamin Franklin~

I posted this in a different thread by mistake, but it is true for essentially every freedom we enjoy.

June 18, 2022 6:47 am

It’s high time England took back Aquitaine and Bordeaux…

Ben Vorlich
Reply to  fretslider
June 18, 2022 7:28 am

Before Brexit there was a silent British takeover going on.

Rich Davis
Reply to  fretslider
June 18, 2022 7:41 am

Maybe recover Peckham and Brixton first?

Richard Page
Reply to  Rich Davis
June 18, 2022 1:44 pm

No. I’d be very happy to build a large wall and guardposts along the M25 – keep ’em all in one place.

Izaak Walton
Reply to  Rich Davis
June 19, 2022 12:50 am

the racists here really need to go somewhere else.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Izaak Walton
June 19, 2022 3:12 am

Yes, racists should go somewhere else. I don’t see any racists in this comment you are referring to. So what racism are you talking about and who are you accusing of being a racist?

Izaak Walton
Reply to  Tom Abbott
June 19, 2022 11:39 am

what exactly do you think the comment “maybe recover Peckham and Brixton first” means? And can you explain it in a way that does not mention the ethnic mix of those suburbs?

Rich Davis
Reply to  Izaak Walton
June 19, 2022 5:52 pm

So first of all, izzy, there’s a thing called humor that you can’t process due to your woke defects. So we’ll make allowances for your being “special”. The comment was a reaction to the idea that the House of Plantagenet be restored after a near 600 year lapse.

So I googled which London areas have the highest crime rates and discovered that Peckham is #1 and Brixton is #2. These areas ought to be brought back under British law before looking to the Continent.

Are you implying that criminality is driven by race? That seems kinda rayciss innit?

Izaak Walton
Reply to  Rich Davis
June 19, 2022 7:00 pm

According to a google search the areas of London with the highest crime area are Westminster and then Kensington and Chelsea. See

And that doesn’t even include the number of breaches of laws that occurred at 10 Downing Street. Which would put Westminster even further in front.

Rich Davis
Reply to  Izaak Walton
June 19, 2022 7:12 pm

No surprise about Westminster, izzy. I hear tell of treachery involving birthday cakes and alcohol consumption. And muppets who can’t operate a comb. In the face of such, who would concern themselves with knife crime or rape?

Richard Page
Reply to  Izaak Walton
June 19, 2022 4:39 am

So I’m no longer able to comment on the seemingly endemic shortsightedness, privilege and ignorance of the London metropolitan elite without one of their moronic fellow travellers popping up and accusing me of racism? You are a complete waste of the effort to create and raise you – your parents must be so bloody proud.

Rich Davis
Reply to  Richard Page
June 19, 2022 5:59 pm

Funny I was going to comment that the Beltway in Washington should also be converted into a prison perimeter. My understanding of “them” would be the leftist loons and government parasites that infest both of those areas.

Naturally the troll jumps to racism.

June 18, 2022 6:56 am

Relative cloudlessness over the last week has led to strong sunshine; ie, high, above average UV Index in all of Europe, most of the US, and other places. It is very unusual for so much of Europe to have above average UVI at the same time; does anyone remember the 2003 European heat wave mass casualty event? In southern Europe yesterday:

comment image

comment image

comment image

Old Man Winter
Reply to  Bob Weber
June 18, 2022 7:42 am

Since the lockdown’s in France, the 2003 heat wave was the first thing I thought of. It began in early
August when everyone was away on holiday & was worst in northern France where it usually didn’t
get that hot. Those who lived alone at home were hit the hardest as they didn’t have anyone to take
care of them or look in on them. A lot of the houses are brick & stone, without AC & usually cooled
off at night. With that heat wave, they didn’t.

The thought of locking people down in hot houses sounds like a recipe for disaster, as you usually
go to the beach/swimming pool to cool down. Even NYC opens fire hydrants for kids to play!


Reply to  Old Man Winter
June 18, 2022 11:56 pm

As I recall, another major issue during August of that summer besides family being away, was that for some reason, Europeans seem to view taking their vacations in August as a God-given right and the 11th Commandment and the hospitals and other medical providers were very short staffed due to employees being gone on vacations. That, also, apparently added very much to the death toll on the elderly.

Reply to  Bob Weber
June 18, 2022 4:49 pm

“Mass casualty event”????
Heatwaves in developed countries are like extreme cold weather, flu and covid.
The elderly with multiple existing medical conditions sadly succumb to the “event”. This causes a excess deaths for the month or months. AND then this is usually followed by less deaths for the corresponding months in the next one to two years.

Is the next summer a “mass medical miracle event” because 1000s of lives were saved?

Reply to  Waza
June 19, 2022 6:51 am

Waza, are you trying to say the 2003 mass casualty event didn’t happen, that it wasn’t important, that your smart-ass remarks mean everything, but not facts?

<a href=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2003_European_heat_wave>From Wikipedia:</a>

“The 2003 European heat wave led to what was, at the time, the hottest summer on record in Europe since at least 1540. France was hit especially hard. The heat wave led to health crises in several countries and combined with drought to create a crop shortfall in parts of Southern Europe. Peer-reviewed analysis places the European death toll at more than 70,000. The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction estimated 72,000 deaths related to the event.”

Reply to  Bob Weber
June 18, 2022 5:02 pm

Excess deaths by age France 2003 heatwave.
Under 35 – 67 deaths
36 to 74 – 2930 deaths
75 plus – 11731 deaths

Sound familiar?

Ron Long
June 18, 2022 7:02 am

Here in Argentina we are experiencing the coldest Fall weather since 1976. Could France please ship us some heat? Put it in a crate with some French wine and make me doubly happy.

Old Man Winter
June 18, 2022 7:12 am

Since they’re now naming blizzards, I’m expecting them to name heat waves, too, in 5, 4, 3, …

Reply to  Old Man Winter
June 18, 2022 7:19 am

One day at 31C. is touted as a mini heatwave – the following day today is 18C

Ben Vorlich
June 18, 2022 7:26 am

I spent 9 years living in Haute Vienne, during that time every summer there’d be one or more “canicule” with several days in the high thirties. There would be the usual warnings about the usual stuff.
In rural France they are used to this, One the windows early morning as the day warms up close the windows and volets to keep the heat out. Open up again in cool of the evening. We always said you could tell the houses owned by other Brits as they never closed the shutters. We followed the locals and what they did.
The other thing is that large numbers of French citizens head to the south for summer holidays for the whole of August. It’s the only place I’ve been where you’ll find a shop in a tourist spot with a sign saying “Closed for anuual holidays 1-31 August”. While on holiday they’ll spend all day on a beach on The Mediterranean coast with temperatures in the mid-high thirties or even low forties most of the time.
A few years ago there was a heat wave in the Paris area in August and a lot of aged people died from heat related causes. Their families were away on holiday as were a lot of suport service workers. This had a big impact on awareness.

Virtually every village has a Pharmacy (and hairdresser) and virtually every pharmacy has a sign which shows the outside temperature.

It seems to me that this is an overreaction but then again Macron is a bit of a control freak.

Reply to  Ben Vorlich
June 18, 2022 5:33 pm

At that time, the morgues were all full and yet the gov failed to notice anything for weeks.
That’s why we pay taxes! To have watchers that can’t even notice 19 490 death in a few weeks but obviously they will detect any excess death or disease from a vaccine… during a pandemic that explains all excess cardiac events, neurological events, or restless anus events.

June 18, 2022 7:29 am

The ban is only in the Gironde district, for crowded venues outdoors and indoors with no aircon (where 42C can be expected). Elsewhere in France outdoor rock festivals etc continue, private events like weddings not banned.

Way to overreact – more Watts alarmism

Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 8:01 am

Just highlighting Griff 😉

Old Man Winter
Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 8:02 am


Andrew Wilkins
Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 8:03 am

You can always trust Griff to support a nice bit of Green totalitarianism.

PA Dutchman
Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 9:00 am

Please read the article before commenting. People might think you are over-reacting. Hint- look at the sub headline “Region in France bans outdoor gatherings & concerts until officials declare heatwave over.”

Reply to  PA Dutchman
June 18, 2022 12:02 pm

griff is famous for never reading past the headline.

Richard Page
Reply to  MarkW
June 18, 2022 1:50 pm

I think that is blindingly obvious to all since the bear of little brain put up: “private events like weddings not banned” repeating what was in the article “….private weddings are still allowed.” What a gift to the shallow end of the gene pool he is!

Reply to  MarkW
June 18, 2022 4:43 pm

doesn’t look like he even read the headline on this one, but if he did he
didn’t comprehend what he read

Right-Handed Shark
Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 9:12 am

mr. 6% wetter wants to lecture about alarmism..

Reply to  Right-Handed Shark
June 18, 2022 10:51 am

6% wetter? No wonder my coffee tastes different. I need to back to using the drier water.

Reply to  H.R.
June 18, 2022 2:31 pm

My missus pays $6 for a 4-litre container of 1% milk.
I told her she should just buy a 40 ml mini carton of proper milk and add it to a 3960 ml jug of water – much cheaper.

Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 9:15 am

griff, ask yourself this. Why does it take a government edict to tell people to stay away from events in unairconditioned venues when they have never had to do it before?

The reason you’re a spitter is because of the Nanny State. There are so many dumb people around precisely because government has interfered in education to dumb down the population, and government takes care of those dumbed down people with food, clothing, shelter, and smart phones. They make you look good.

In days of yore, life was difficult and short for stupid people. And unlike modern public education, parents then did their best to teach the important skills and knowledge that their kids would need to survive and hopefully thrive as adults.

The Nanny State is necessary to keep the powers that be in power. To have a large Nanny State, you need large numbers of dumb, submissive, unquestioning people. The larger the Nanny State, the greater the power of the SICs (Sociopaths In Charge).

BTW, I have always suspected that you can lay legitimate claim to being a SPITR, only because it’s not very crowded in mom’s basement. That may or may not have been obvious to you. Just remember, being the SPITR depends on the room and WUWT is a very, very big room.😉

Reply to  H.R.
June 18, 2022 10:57 am

That was awesome

Reply to  Derg
June 18, 2022 9:13 pm

Well thank you, Derg.

I was hoping our resident g-e-e-e-nius, griff, might recognize that being the smartest person in the room depends on the room.

“If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.”

Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 9:17 am

Way to miss the point.

Who gave the government the authority or the right to tell me when I can go outside or not? You let them win here, and soon enough they will be confining everyone to their home “for your safety”, and then you won’t have any liberty. Just like China, their role model. (Which is why China is always exempt from pollution requirements. Only the countries with high liberty are asked to make sacrifices.)

Why do hate people so much, Mr. Griffin?

Izaak Walton
Reply to  Wade
June 19, 2022 12:59 am

nobody is say you can’t go outside. The regional government is banning outdoor events during a heat wave. Governments are responsible for health and safety and this no difference than requiring fire exits in theatres.

Climate believer
Reply to  Izaak Walton
June 19, 2022 8:25 am

I wonder when governments are going to stop treating people like dumb animals.

Tough luck for all the primary school kids looking forward to their end of year jolly to the zoo or wherever, all school trips cancelled.

A kneejerk reaction which will create disruption where there was none, and while achieving nothing, penalise everybody… but thank god we’re safe.

Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 9:47 am

Michael Moore lectures on the benefits of a healthy diet.

Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 12:01 pm

griff really gets his panties in a wad whenever anyone points out how ludicrous his fellow alarmists have become.

BTW, are you arguing that nanny statism is OK, so long as less than the entire country is affected by it?

Rich Davis
Reply to  MarkW
June 18, 2022 3:27 pm

Absolutely not. He’s arguing that nanny statism is OK, full stop.

Whatever the extent, it’s always OK with griff. But if there’s anyone anywhere not fully restricted, he will point that out to prove how reasonable it is.

Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 5:36 pm

Unlike radon gas, PM2.5 or many other dangers, (most) mammals usually can notice without advanced scientific tools when it’s 42 °C.
[There may also be mutants that can’t notice that. (That mutation might be caused by the neurological damages from COVID.)]

Reply to  niceguy
June 18, 2022 6:32 pm

While radon gas is a problem, it isn’t as big a problem as the regulators have made it out to be.
On the other hand there has never been any reliable data showing that PM2.5 is a problem.

Reply to  MarkW
June 18, 2022 11:40 pm

Radon is allegedly a common problem in homes in Bretagne but I know of exactly no one who has done anything to measure or “fix” the problem, or who even seems to bother. Even when it’s hyped by IRSN (the agency for scientific evaluation of all risks with nuclear, from natural radiation risks to piping issues – we have had a lot of piping issues lately).


John in Oz
Reply to  griff
June 18, 2022 7:31 pm

Look up:

  • ‘thin edge of the wedge’
  • ‘give an inch and they take a mile’
Rich Davis
June 18, 2022 7:48 am

Not Climate!


Tom Abbott
Reply to  Rich Davis
June 19, 2022 3:24 am

Here’s the current jet stream weather:


We have a high pressure system over the central U.S., which brings on the heat, a high pressure system in the central Atlantic ocean, and a high pressure system hovering over Europe.

Quite a wavy jetstream.

Climate believer
Reply to  Rich Davis
June 19, 2022 9:23 am

Indeed, it wouldn’t be the first time France, or a region in it, has had a heatwave in June. Heatwaves are a part of France’s climate, not an exception.

In 1911, the French spent two and a half months in extreme drought with abnormally high temperatures. One of the longest heat waves in history that lead to 40,000 dead, mainly young children.

I think most of them were at outside events… /sarc

June 18, 2022 8:28 am

Those who sacrifice freedom for safety will lose both.

Reply to  Wayne Raymond
June 18, 2022 9:31 am

More to the point, those that have power to force others to sacrifice freedom for safety will get rich, safe (for now) and (relatively) free (also for now).

jacob H Rothstein
June 18, 2022 8:29 am

It is 120 degrees F in Palm Springs four to five months a year. It does not take genius IQ to stay indoors midday. Macron needs to go go go. asap

June 18, 2022 8:36 am

In some parts of the world 40C is normal and people go about their daily lives unchanged. Lockdown? Seriously?

Reply to  markl
June 18, 2022 11:45 am

Like India where summer is the time for weddings and festivals.

Reply to  markl
June 18, 2022 12:06 pm

It was supposed to hit 40C today. We spent the day helping friends move.

Reply to  MarkW
June 18, 2022 6:33 pm

The day ended up topping out at only 39C.

dodgy geezer
June 18, 2022 8:43 am

The key point to make here is that this is NOT a stupid decision by politicians, who are at least nominally responsible to the people.

It is a decision made by bureaucrats. Unelected. Who cannot be touched politically. And suddenly, they seem to have as much bureaucratic power as they like…

Dave Fair
Reply to  dodgy geezer
June 18, 2022 12:52 pm

Hey there disinformation spreader: You have already been told there is no Deep State. You just lost 10 Social Credits. Continue and you will be officially and permanently Canceled.

Reply to  Dave Fair
June 19, 2022 6:53 am

IF I had a twatter account, and IF I had a farcebook page, and IF I was on PlonkedIn, then I might be a little bit concerned.

But I don’t. 😁

Dave Fair
Reply to  H.R.
June 19, 2022 7:51 am

Didn’t think so, H.R., since I don’t have any of that crap either and exhibit even more made-up traits now considered to be white male supremacist traits such as misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist, fat-shaming, cultural appropriationist, and whatever new-wave idiocy being cooked up by the constantly-triggered snowflakes. I don’t have toxic masculinity; I just have testy cals made so by years of constant abuse by Leftists.

All three of my adult daughters know the difference between a real man and a soy-boy. I used to scare the flaky ones off by wearing a wife-beater T-shirt, cleaning my guns and asking “what you want, boy” when they showed up to take them out on a first date. [True story.] The smart potential-men stuck around.

I feel sorry for the real people that have to kiss the asses of the constantly-outraged just to get an education or hold a job today. The flakes and incompetents I met during my successful professional life were outraged when I highlighted their weaknesses and uncaring attitudes. I’d probably be in jail today for doing the things required to get the job done in the past. F’em all and FJB.

Climate believer
Reply to  dodgy geezer
June 19, 2022 9:32 am

Bureaucrats in France have always had a lot of power, and Préfêtes of a region have incredible power, directly from government.

June 18, 2022 8:59 am

One must be careful in allowing yourself to be subservient to do-gooder-meddlers. They really will tell you when you can’t go outside in the sunshine for your health, and when you must to get sufficient vitamin D. Do you really need these people in your life ?

Steven F
June 18, 2022 9:03 am

Keep in mind 2003 when about 15,000 people died in a heat wave that lasted a week in france. France normally has mild summers so most buildings don’t have air conditioning. 2003 was the hotel summer on record since 1540.

Reply to  Steven F
June 18, 2022 10:07 am

I remember that, Steven.

And keep in mind that most of those who died in that heat wave were aged pensioners in garrets with maybe one or two windows and no fan or air conditioning. Some didn’t have the ability to open their windows.

Damning with faint praise, at least the French authorities finally caught on after the body count soared, and they started to go looking for those elderly people that were stuck in cheap attic apartment-ovens with no air. It was too late for far too many, though.

Reply to  H.R.
June 18, 2022 4:46 pm

But just think of all the medical expenses SAVED by these old timers dying before they could run up hospital/doctor bills.

A win/win for the “authorities”. Extra money to spend on THEIR priorities, and deaths to blame on GLOBAL WARMING.

Reply to  Drake
June 18, 2022 9:28 pm

Tru dat, Drake. Evil, ugly, but true.

June 18, 2022 9:15 am

It’s been in the 90s in Coloraedo lately. But I love the heat. My wife went on a trip with her friends for a week, so I turned the air conditioning off and opened the windows. It’s about 83 inside during the day, but I feel comfortable. I hate air conditioning, unless a room is stuffy. Yesterday, I went for my daily run with the temp in the 90s, and I felt comfortable. In all fairness, it’s very dry out here, and I’m air cooled when running. I’m 75 years old. Just writing this to show that not everyone hates the heat. And I’ve met others who also love heat.

Reply to  littlepeaks
June 18, 2022 10:29 am

I go hiking in 40 C temps if I did not I would not be able to hike all summer here in Arizona.

lee riffee
Reply to  littlepeaks
June 18, 2022 1:08 pm

I have a client who is 93, and he turns on his A/C maybe 3 or 4 times a summer. I don’t know (and I don’t want to know) how hot it would have to be for him to lose his long sleeve shirt for only the t-shirt under it. I’ve been in his house when it is 93 F indoors! That + stifling east coast humidity (65-90%). Apparently he doesn’t mind it one bit, and I’ve never seen even so much as a bead of sweat on him.
OTOH, I’m a human polar bear….I cope in such conditions by drinking a whole lot of water or tea, having one bandana rolled up around my head like a headband, one in each pocket and one in my waist band to dam the inevitable river I generate. The ones in the pockets are to keep me from being blinded by my own sweat….
But yes, there are some people who either don’t mind, or actually like it hot. Otherwise, why would so many elderly people head south when they retire?

Reply to  littlepeaks
June 18, 2022 2:44 pm

That’s why I moved to FL 25 years ago. When It gets too hot outside I set the AC on 84. During the summer thunderstorms I shut it off and open all the windows and let the 75 degree air blow through the house.

Reply to  DonK31
June 18, 2022 4:55 pm

ditto, same here

June 18, 2022 9:29 am

Sitting here in Vermont at a high of 55F … a couple degrees warmer would be nice. RECORD COLD in Northern part of state with possible snow in mountains.

Reply to  BigE
June 18, 2022 12:53 pm

Here in Washington State on the Puget Sound we set the all-time record for the coldest high temperature for the date yesterday. Seattle has had just 7 days that broke 70 F so far this year when the average high temp should be 70F.

Reply to  Meab
June 18, 2022 3:35 pm

You missed out the never-ending rain!! Practically the whole of S. America has been having a record cold autumn. Ditto Australia ,which in addition has had power cuts thanks to their climate policies.

June 18, 2022 9:38 am

banned until the officials declare the heatwave is over.”

I notice there are no numbers associated with what they consider a heatwave. They will probably apply that to cold events too.
Bureaucrats are given a blank check to restrict the citizenry. – They will abuse that power to restrict.
Any power given to a bureaucracy will be a detriment to freedom by unknown and unelected people.

Reply to  Brad-DXT
June 18, 2022 10:42 am

Technically, there is no heat wave in Bordeaux (Gironde France). See my post below.

Reply to  Petit_Barde
June 18, 2022 10:52 am

I wasn’t aware there was a definition, thank you.

Then the bureaucrats don’t follow their own definitions – who’d of thunk? They started out by exceeding their “authority” as a test to see how far they can push people around. It looks like it worked and they will continue to push people around.

Richard Page
Reply to  Brad-DXT
June 18, 2022 1:57 pm

The definition used to be higher as it was based on actual risks to health from heat and sunstroke. Then they changed the definition to a more politically useful definition – that it would be any temperature in the 90th percentile of historic temperatures. Soon as that happened the bar was well and truly lowered, ‘heatwaves’ became more common and stupidity reigned supreme.

John Kelly
June 18, 2022 9:39 am

France – the ultimate nanny state.

Reply to  John Kelly
June 18, 2022 9:59 am

Don’t worry, Bozo is on it!

June 18, 2022 9:49 am

Heat wave definition (France) :

  • it’s very hot compared to historical temperatures of this day,
  • at night, the temperature does not drop, or very little,
  • it lasts at least 3 consecutive days.

So technically, we are not even in a heat wave in France, nor in Bordeaux or Paris, despite a very hot saturday when compared to historial temperatures particularly in Bordeaux (42°C).

In Bordeaux (were the clowns in charge are imposing this idiotic lockdown instead of letting the people choose), temperatures are to plumet this evening (26°C at midnight) and reach 20°C at the end of the night.
So only 2 days (friday and saturday) can meet the definition above. Same thing in Paris.

We are led by complete idiots elected by chickens little.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Petit_Barde
June 19, 2022 3:37 am

“We are led by complete idiots elected by chickens little.”


June 18, 2022 10:19 am

40C is below the average temperature were I live. It was well above that yesterday spend over two hours outside yesterday, the wind did feel like dragons breath yesterday. Often I will eat lunch outside in those temps, trying to warm up from over air condition office.

John Bell
Reply to  mal
June 18, 2022 11:30 am

The average? the average high? or the high?

Tom Abbott
Reply to  mal
June 19, 2022 3:42 am

40C equals 104F.

We had a 106 heat index yesterday.

104F for two or three days is nothing. If public gatherings were banned for those kinds of temperatures around here, nobody would leave their house.

Try above 100F temperatures for weeks at a time. Europe doesn’t know what a real heat wave really is. They should thank their lucky stars they have such a benign climate to live in.

June 18, 2022 11:03 am

Outdoor events – including, ironically, annual ‘Resistance’ celebrations – are banned

Resistance is useless

jeffery P
June 18, 2022 11:04 am

I want to ask — “Is this satire?” but I know it isn’t.

June 18, 2022 11:43 am

40C+ is normal in the Coachella valley of California in the summer. Somehow approximately 300,000 people who live there in the summer manage to survive. I used to go out cycling in the early morning when the temperature was only 90F and on a long ride it could reach 110F. Many others were out as well.

June 18, 2022 11:46 am

The “Officials” now know best. The compassionate “it’s for your own good”, the new improved authoritarian newspeak. I saw a tee-shirt that said, “Keep 1984 Fiction. Apropos?

Reply to  Philip
June 18, 2022 4:53 pm


Make 1984 Fiction Again!

We are PAST keeping 1984 fiction, it is reality in the US, just watch a White House press conference.

Peta of Newark
June 18, 2022 12:10 pm

They’re re-writing history before it’s even happened…
Something like this I guess…

<nasal haw haw haw>
Remeberez vous le deez wheetiem de la junvemier al la annee dux et dooz.
Ah oui, je remeberez le well

Parceque les Gasses de Vert Maison, lez temepartoursz est trop chaud pour tootz les everyone.
Et ooh la la, nous ad to avez un fait et enforsay Un Lockdown de la La Francais

Malheurisment il est Pas de Fun dans le Sun pour tootz Les Francais mais les est soooo dumb et nooz est so Clever et Intelligente = nooze simply had to fait accompli.

Bonjour et regardez forward a la next lockdown

June 18, 2022 12:32 pm

They practiced on Covid and now there is no limit to what they think they can do with new powers.

June 18, 2022 1:46 pm

How about this cold wave up in the Arctic? No other year in the DMI data shows such a cool start at the start of summer. … http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/meant80n.uk.php

Tom Abbott
Reply to  goldminor
June 19, 2022 3:55 am

Yes, things are looking a little cooler all over, despite periodic heat waves.

Richard Page
Reply to  Tom Abbott
June 19, 2022 4:45 am

Ahem – those ‘periodic heat waves’ are what we used to call summer! I’m not used to having the heating come on in the middle of June on a chilly morning.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Richard Page
June 20, 2022 6:31 am

You’re on the “wrong” side of the jet stream, Richard. 🙂

Captain climate
June 18, 2022 2:52 pm

Seriously, f*** Macron.

“Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights
Article 11 protects the right to freedom of assembly and association, including the right to form trade unions, subject to certain restrictions that are “in accordance with law” and “necessary in a democratic society”.

June 18, 2022 3:52 pm

June 18th – Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Just saying.

Richard Page
Reply to  KJP
June 19, 2022 4:48 am

Yeah, I think that was at a time when we actually got on fairly well with the Dutch, Germans and Belgians, though!

Reply to  Richard Page
June 20, 2022 3:22 am

The Belgians were not invented yet.

June 18, 2022 4:51 pm

For many days, French TV news was almost only talking about “la canicule” (with still time for “Macron rencontre Zelensky”).

It’s “heat in Paris” “heat in town X” “heat in town Y” etc. Booooring.

Chris Nisbet
June 18, 2022 10:42 pm

Who gave bureaucrats this power? Do they actually have this power? It seems like the sort of thing that could be challenged in a court of law.

This idea that the primary responsibility of a government is to keep people safe came as a great surprise to me when people started telling it to me – maybe it’s near the top, but I would have thought protecting my freedoms was higher up the list.

Richard Page
Reply to  Chris Nisbet
June 19, 2022 4:52 am

It should be a compromise between freedoms and safety; with the proviso that some muppets will still always break the rules. These days it’s looking more like the balance is way off with the governments making the rules for muppets and forcing compliance on the rest of us.

Barry James
June 18, 2022 11:18 pm

Of what use is Socialist power over people’s lives if it doesn’t get used?

June 18, 2022 11:38 pm

France locked down over 104 degree F heat? The French had best stay away from Arizona in the summer if they think 104 F is that bad. Ditto for a great part of the world in the So. Hemisphere. Wusses.
It’s odd that people from the northern climes and Canada keep moving to Arizona. Those folks seem to be the only Clinate Refugees the IPCC/CAGWers keep warning us about. They’re all moving to get away from the COLD!

Reply to  .KcTaz
June 19, 2022 12:08 am

To be fair, I should add Florida and the US South to the list of places Northern Climate Refugees are fleeing. However, they do seem to be particularly fond of Florida and Arizona.

June 19, 2022 12:04 am

I vividly recall the heat wave of 1980 in the Mid-West USA. I was pregnant with our second child which made it even more memorable and miserable. Many elderly died from it, especially, the poor and, in particular blacks living in poor and high crime areas. They died because the elderly often don’t realize how hot it is. That is a part of the aging process and they did not feel nor realize how hot it was. It affected the poor in high crime areas because many had their windows nailed such to keep out intruders and couldn’t open them even if they realized how hot it was getting.
That is when I learned, back then anyway, A/C would only cool your house 20 degrees below the outside temperature. It was very HOT!

Tom Abbott
Reply to  .KcTaz
June 19, 2022 4:06 am

And a water cooler, which is what I had available way back when, when I was a kid, is useless above about 100F. At some point all it does is blow hot air.

Tom Abbott
June 19, 2022 2:39 am

From the article: “For example, while speaking on behalf of the World Health Organization (WHO), International Council of Nurses CEO Howard Catton claimed that climate change is the “grandmother of all health threats,” suggesting that the WHO may get involved with climate change-related health risks, like heatwaves, in the future.”

There is no evidence that human-caused climate change (which is what they are talking about) is real. Not enough to be noticeable, anyway. So there are no human-caused climate change-related health risks.

“grandmother of all threats” As if Mr. Catton knows this. He doesn’t. He is taking someone else’s word for it. The “someone else” is wrong. So Mr. Catton is wrong. You are assuming too much, Mr. Catton. Evidence, Mr. Catton. Evidence. You don’t have any.

Doug Huffman
June 19, 2022 4:34 am

Wouldn’t a daylight curfew enforced by shoot on sight be simpler to administer and more effective.

Richard Page
Reply to  Doug Huffman
June 19, 2022 4:55 am

Do not, I repeat, do not give them any ideas. China’s likely to trial it then our wannabe socialist’s will insist we adopt the ‘successful solution’.

June 19, 2022 10:04 am

I mowed, now where are my climate reparations checks and reporters lining up to do interviews and film the sweat?

June 19, 2022 10:06 am

Did they ban Juneteenth festivals?

June 19, 2022 12:52 pm

Never let a good heat wave go to waste. Isn’t that right Rahm?

June 19, 2022 3:50 pm

Training, conditioning, call it what you want. Seems to have worked.

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