How ‘Viral Dark Matter’ May Help Mitigate Climate Change

The question of magnitude is a serious consideration when taking into account the vastness of the ocean.

What Global Warming? Australia Endures Record Breaking Cold

Following the recent election of a deep green federal government, and offlining of coal stations, Australia is being slammed by a double whammy of skyrocketing green energy bills and extreme…

CNN Hypes False Dengue Fever Claims, Putting Climate Fears Ahead of Facts, Again

As CNN’s own story notes, dengue bearing mosquitos are already endemic to the countries it discusses, causing thousands of illnesses and hundreds of deaths each year.

New Zealand Introduces a Climate Change Meat Tax

In the face of last month’s UN warning that 49 million people in 43 countries face severe risk of starvation, the New Zealand Government has chosen now to introduce a…

‘Calif. Dilemma: Fight Climate Change and Keep on the Lights’ (energy reality at E&E)

“If the public sees this year after year — shortages and blackouts and curtailment — I think there will be a lot of setback for the long-term green energy plan…

Lessons from the Past: How Cold-water Corals Respond to Global Warming

Food and oxygen have the greatest impact on survival