Climate Madness: Prince Charles Backs Face Masks For Cows In Bid To Tackle Climate Change

From Climate Depot

A special kind of stupid: WEF leader promoting cow masks. Screenshot from YouTube


Newsweek: Prince Charles Mocked For Backing ‘Crazy’ Climate Change Face Mask For Cows

Reality Check:Physicist Dr. Tom Sheahen: ‘Methane: The Irrelevant Greenhouse Gas’ – ‘Water vapor has already absorbed the very same infrared radiation that Methane might have absorbed’– ‘The tiny increases in methane associated with cows may elicit a few giggles, but it absolutely cannot be the basis for sane regulations or national policy.’

By: Marc Morano

It sounds like a belated April Fool’s joke: On May 24, 2022, the online portal Agrarheute reported that the British startup ZELP ( Zero Emissions Livestock Project ) had developed masks for cows. In this case, however, not to protect them from Corona, but to filter methane.

ZELP is currently testing various prototypes of the cattle masks, according to Agrarheute. These are already able to filter around 30 percent of the methane emitted by ruminants. In the future, this value should be increased to around 60 percent.

The highlight: ZELP was awarded the climate protection prize “Climate Design Award” for the “revolutionary” idea, which was created by WEF figurehead Prince Charles and designer Sir Jony Ive. The cattle mask was one of four winners and received a cash prize of the equivalent of 58 000 euros. Prince Charles supports face masks for cows to fight climate change.

The British monarch is one of the architects of the Great Reset, the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), held in June 2020. It brought together high-profile business and political leaders, convened by Prince Charles. At the launch event for the Great Reset, he listed key areas for action, similar to those listed in his Sustainable Markets Initiative. These included draconian measures for net zero emissions globally as well as the introduction of carbon pricing.

To prove that this report was not a joke, the portal linked a video in its article that showed the enthusiastic heir to the throne presenting the project.

The 100-gram rubber masks with solar-powered fans are designed to direct the animals’ exhalations into a small chamber and then use chemical processes to convert methane into carbon dioxide, Agrarheute explained. But first farmers have to be convinced to actually use the masks.

One obstacle could be the rather high price: The use costs 45 dollars per cow and year, the equivalent of 41 euros. In addition, the masks would not bring any advantage for the farmer from an economic point of view.

In the comments below the article, readers legitimately wondered whether this message was some kind of joke. Agrarheute immediately confirmed that this was unfortunately not the case.

The claims about methane have been debunked

One reader commented: “Madness or stupidity? Every thinking person understands what nonsense the story about cow’s methane is. A cow is not a perpetual motion machine and it does not create energy out of thin air. The cow lives in the earth’s natural carbon cycle and is not ‘climate-damaging’ (if such a thing exists). Even the climate heroes at Climate Facts know that, although some people don’t like it. They are just producing a lot of garbage, trying to get more money out of the farmers’ pockets, end of the story.”

The three main greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, all impact the environment differently. Methane is known as a “flow gas”, removed from the atmosphere at a rapid pace. Methane’s lifespan in the atmosphere is approximately 10 years, but flow gases will stay stagnant as they are destroyed at the same rate of emission.

Thus the initial method for calculating greenhouse emissions misrepresents the impact of short-lived flow gases, like methane, on future warming.

The hypocrisy of the global elite

The global elite pushing the Great Reset this week emitted thousands of units of carbon dioxide with an estimated lifespan in the atmosphere of 1000 years, meaning carbon dioxide emitted from the year 2022 will still be in the atmosphere in 3022. Meeting via Zoom for example, would have been a much better choice, given their “concerns” about climate change.

Traveling in private jets to the Davos Summit in Switzerland to foist their climate agenda on the rest of the world to “limit global temperature rise and stave off disaster” as stated on its website, “10 private one-way flights departed various European cities on Wednesday evening and landed in St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, the closest airstrip to Davos, emitting approximately 43 440 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere”.

For the WEF annual meeting in 2019 in Davos, according to an analysis from Air Charter Service, The Guardian reported at the time that around 1 500 private jets flew to and from airports near the Swiss town.


Prince Charles backs face masks for cows in bid to tackle climate change

Prince Charles has backed a radical plan to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

Methane-catching masks could be attached to cows in an unlikely method of reducing the carbon footprint of the beef industry.

Francisco Norris, founder of design group Zelp (Zero Emissions Livestock Project) – which designed the product, said it was a “great honour” to speak with the Prince, whom he had met previously when presenting a prototype of his product in 2018.

Charles asked with concern whether the device, which is worn around a cow’s head, was “annoying” for the animal, but Mr Norris reassured him that “it doesn’t bother them at all”.

Zelp has been working with one of the UK’s largest meat producers in order to trial the device on cows.



Physicist Dr. Tom Sheahen: ‘Methane: The Irrelevant Greenhouse Gas’ – ‘Water vapor has already absorbed the very same infrared radiation that Methane might have absorbed’– ‘The tiny increases in methane associated with cows may elicit a few giggles, but it absolutely cannot be the basis for sane regulations or national policy.’

Study: ‘Methane emissions have a negligible impact’ on climate

Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer has new study: Methane has ‘immeasurably small’ impact on climate

Scientists Dr. Richard Lindzen & Dr. Will Happer: ‘The warming added each year from methane is about 10 times less than the small warming from carbon dioxide’ 

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Tom Halla
June 4, 2022 2:03 pm

Long live the Queen!

Reply to  Tom Halla
June 4, 2022 2:11 pm

He looks older than his 73 years. There’s a chance.

Rud Istvan
Reply to  Tom Halla
June 4, 2022 2:16 pm


Joao Martins
Reply to  Tom Halla
June 5, 2022 3:13 am

I’m sorry, it is not possible to give you more than 1 point. Given what is beeing known of the descent, I wish the Queen would live at least 100 years (or two generations, whatever comes first) more…

Robert of Ottawa
Reply to  Tom Halla
June 5, 2022 5:04 am

You realize he has a royal fart catcher.

Reply to  Tom Halla
June 5, 2022 11:56 am

Yes, but she must be the last of her kind.

June 4, 2022 2:07 pm

Does it annoy the cow? Yes he really is that simple. But anyway something equally simple – how does the cow eat. Ok Ok it’s a joke.

Reply to  Terry
June 4, 2022 2:25 pm

I thought the methane came out the other end of the cow.

Reply to  Katio1505
June 4, 2022 2:43 pm



OS: Sorry, Katio1505, I couldn’t resist.

Gordon A. Dressler
Reply to  Katio1505
June 4, 2022 2:50 pm

No, cows do belch methane during their ruminations, but not as much at comes out the “other end”.

Last edited 2 months ago by Gordon A. Dressler
Ian Johnson
Reply to  Gordon A. Dressler
June 5, 2022 2:31 am

What happens when other stuff wants to come out of t’other end? It’s all BS I’d say.

Reply to  Ian Johnson
June 5, 2022 9:22 pm

No, Cows are Female!

Reply to  Terry
June 4, 2022 2:57 pm

A new era of bovine torture has begun. These animals behave essentially as large dogs.
Very loyal and trusting. They do emit more GHG from the front end, but that’s how they’re built.

Reply to  Terry
June 5, 2022 12:02 am

Let him wear a mask 24/7 .Wont bother him at all

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Terry
June 5, 2022 4:12 am

“how does the cow eat”

I guess the farmer has to take the mask off each cow so they can eat.

Does Prince Charles know how really insane he looks promoting masks for cows? Apparently not. It’s true, Charlie, you are dwelling in La La Land. You are a Royal Dupe.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
June 5, 2022 9:23 pm

Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this person is a result of inbreeding.

Reply to  Tom Abbott
June 6, 2022 5:48 pm

Same company has developed a device to feed the cows at the other end by suppository (which apparently is also medicated to reduce GHG emissions). If successful, they intend to adapt the whole kit to fit onto politicians.

4E Douglas
June 4, 2022 2:08 pm

As my late wife would say:
“Barking Mad”.

Teddy Lee
June 4, 2022 2:08 pm

Really,I am surprised he didn’t recommend Tampax.

Mike Lowe
Reply to  Teddy Lee
June 4, 2022 2:23 pm

…….stuffed in his mouth and ears would be a good start!

Ed Zuiderwijk
Reply to  Teddy Lee
June 5, 2022 3:18 pm

I’m afraid that joke is lost on most. But it reminds me of what an Italian colleague told me at the time: the silly prince immediately was referred to as ‘Il Tampone’ in his country.

June 4, 2022 2:08 pm

There is a reason the queen hasn’t stepped down. She knows her son is a complete moron, perhaps even less intelligent than Justin Castro, although I’m not sure the test is particularly accurate at the far left end of the curve.

Last edited 2 months ago by Mike
Reply to  Mike
June 4, 2022 2:15 pm

Russel Brand nails Justin in this one.

Richard Page
Reply to  Scissor
June 4, 2022 4:02 pm

It’s a clear sign of the end of civilisation when Russel Brand get’s something remotely correct!

Reply to  Richard Page
June 5, 2022 12:13 am

I listen to Russell. On the whole, he seems quite sane and, he’s funny, too.

Reply to  .KcTaz
June 5, 2022 11:43 am

Yes indeed, and he is also very well spoken and balanced.

Julian Flood
Reply to  Richard Page
June 5, 2022 3:07 am

You mean ‘rapidly balding Russel Brand’.


Reply to  Mike
June 4, 2022 6:21 pm

I thought Simon is a complete moron. Are you saying there’s room?

June 4, 2022 2:10 pm

This is what the UK has to look forward to.

God help us.

Reply to  HotScot
June 4, 2022 3:19 pm

When Chucky wears his full regalia, his chest is covered in military medals presumably from his decades of combat in many wars, you’d think he must be a war hero. The only military combat he has ever seen has been in movies.

Reply to  HotScot
June 4, 2022 7:06 pm


Reply to  H B
June 5, 2022 12:05 am

Richt on mate

Reply to  H B
June 5, 2022 2:38 am

Yeah, riiight.

After all, republics have such a great record, with presidents like Biden. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of any remotely competent republics. At least we keep the truly power-hungry away from the trappings of power, gold braid and the like. Remember Idi Amin?

Julian Flood
Reply to  Disputin
June 5, 2022 3:14 am

Come now, that’s a bit rude. President Biden is the USA’s problem if problem he is.

I agree that the royals stop jumped up politicos getting above themselves.

Reply to  Julian Flood
June 5, 2022 3:48 am

And Charles is ours.

Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  Disputin
June 5, 2022 6:02 am

At least we can get rid of the current dementia patient in a few years. You Brits are stuck with a family of demented morons with no end in sight.

Julian Flood
Reply to  H B
June 5, 2022 3:10 am

But what about the Prince Over the Water? Or does Queen Nicola suffice?


Mike Lowe
June 4, 2022 2:21 pm

It does not surprise me at all that this pampered idiot thinks like that. Wouldn’t he think that first he needed to check whether he agreed with those who accept what is being pushed by some for their own financial benefit? It seems that so many of these useful idiots (Greta, Charles, Pope, Gore, Mann, etc.) accept theories without ever querying them, despite many published contradictions. And how can those “scientists” involved in this “development” bother to do that “work” without going back to first principles?
We are in for a rough ride when this idiot follows his sensible logical mother!

Reply to  Mike Lowe
June 4, 2022 9:21 pm

I believe in Santa Clause. I revel in all claims of sightings and especially of interactions. I ignore any negative comments.

That’s how they do it.

June 4, 2022 2:23 pm

Mark Twain: “There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.”

If the Brits and Commonwealth want to preserve the British moarchy, they really had best skip Charles.

slow to follow
Reply to  .KcTaz
June 5, 2022 3:56 pm

Sorry, but William and Kate are leading the fear fanfare from the front. And disgracefully, especially to children.

Rud Istvan
June 4, 2022 2:34 pm

Ridicule is the best response. No such comment is even needed here.

But a few facts.

  1. Methane isn’t a GHG in the real atmosphere comprising about 2% water vapor (range near zero to just over 4%), because it’s IR absorption bands almost completely overlap the much more abundant water vapor.
  2. Cows do NOT breathe out methane. They burp out methane from their ruminant first two stomachs, since the bacteria that digest grass/alfalfa and then cud into food for the two digestive stomachs are Archaia methanogens.
  3. Farmers hate complications and time wasters. These masks are both.
  4. Prince Charles is a bigger idiot than the ‘inventor’. The inventor is possibly a clever con man looking for UK ‘subsidies’ to solve the non-problem that meat hating Greens believe is there. Charles is conned.
Julian Flood
Reply to  Rud Istvan
June 5, 2022 3:37 am

The post doesn’t tell us if he has invested in the things or even said they are a good idea. Never mind, any stick to beat a dog.


Trying to Play Nice
Reply to  Julian Flood
June 5, 2022 6:06 am

“The highlight: ZELP was awarded the climate protection prize “Climate Design Award” for the “revolutionary” idea, which was created by WEF figurehead Prince Charles and designer Sir Jony Ive. The cattle mask was one of four winners and received a cash prize of the equivalent of 58 000 euros. Prince Charles supports face masks for cows to fight climate change.”

He appears to think they are a good idea.

David Dibbell
Reply to  Rud Istvan
June 5, 2022 5:12 am
June 4, 2022 2:47 pm

(In)breeding tells

Tom Abbott
Reply to  dk_
June 5, 2022 4:25 am

I’m curious. If one were to happen to be related to a King of England or Scotland, would that mean that person was related in some way to most all the royalty in Europe, seeing as how there has been a lot of intermarriage among them over the centuries?

R Stevenson
Reply to  Tom Abbott
June 5, 2022 8:15 am

French royalty produced imbeciles; a notable one was Henry V’s wife’s father who was the grandfather of Henry VI – well known for his feeble mindedness. He was put down by Edward IV along with his offspring. Edward IV was replaced by Richard III recently dug up in a Leicester car park – ‘dumped’ there after Bosworth, although it was not a car park then.

Right-Handed Shark
Reply to  Tom Abbott
June 5, 2022 8:45 am

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were first cousins. Their grandchildren, our present queen Elizabeth and her consort, Phil the Greek, were second cousins. The prince of wails is, I believe, his own cousin, uncle and brother-in-law. And sibling, maybe.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Right-Handed Shark
June 6, 2022 5:27 am

“The prince of wails”

That’s funny! 🙂

Gordon A. Dressler
June 4, 2022 2:47 pm

How about masks for humans to absorb the dastardly CO2 they exhale before it gets into the atmosphere?

BTW, bonnie Charlie, got any update you want to share regarding your failed previous prediction made at your speech at a Reception for Commonwealth Foreign Ministers on July 11, 2019:
“I am firmly of the view that the next 18 months will decide our ability to keep climate change to survivable levels and to restore nature to the equilibrium we need for our survival.”

Those “18 months” have come and gone . . . or don’t you know?

Or is it now a case that “keeping climate change to survivable levels” is simply no longer possible?

Reply to  Gordon A. Dressler
June 4, 2022 3:37 pm

And the decision has been taken – it is worse than we thought.

Gunga Din
Reply to  Gordon A. Dressler
June 4, 2022 4:05 pm
Reply to  Gunga Din
June 5, 2022 12:20 am

Thanks, Gunga. Hilarious.

Gunga Din
Reply to  .KcTaz
June 5, 2022 5:25 pm

Thank CFACT.
I just remembered it and looked it up.
I’m a dinosaur. I probably should have said “Googled” or “Searched” it.
(WUWT’s search feature is GREAT to find old post or comments!)

Andrew Wilkins
Reply to  Gunga Din
June 5, 2022 3:02 am

Since the mask fascism that took place during Covid, the Doha pwning is doubly amusing.

Gordon A. Dressler
Reply to  Gunga Din
June 5, 2022 8:49 am

Hilarious . . . and apparently nobody picked up on the fact that the claim the mask would absorb the “about 2.5 pounds of CO2 a day” that is typically exhaled by humans would necessarily mean that the mask would gain that additional weight over 24 hours.

Anyone think that having an average of 1.2 pounds+ hanging off the front of one’s face might be just a tad uncomfortable? . . . apparently, none of the COP18/Doha delegates interviewed.

BTW, the statement in the video regarding the amount of CO2 per day typically exhaled by humans is in general agreement with other references, for example:
“The average human exhales about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide on an average day. (The exact quantity depends on your activity level—a person engaged in vigorous exercise produces up to eight times as much CO2 as his sedentary brethren.)”

Clyde Spencer
June 4, 2022 2:50 pm

Prince Charles should be concerned that the adoption of the masks will lead to increased convenience store robberies since people won’t be able to tell one cow from another with their masks on. When placed in a lineup, the cops will have to ask witnesses, “Who was that masked cow?” The silver lining to this nonsense will be that — I can’t think of one! However, surely herds of masked cows must be preferable to inoculating them for cow pox.

Tom Gelsthorpe
June 4, 2022 2:55 pm

Wait until this sanctimonious blockhead touts a mad scheme to mask termites to reduce their CO2 emissions. Termites are among the worst farters, breathers, and emitters on the planet, and there are TRILLIONS of the little buggers.

These meddlesome numbskulls will REALLY have their work cut out for them when they crawl through through the jungles and deserts of the world, go into termite mounds, and try to filter every termite’s breath with high tech masks the size of specks of dust.

Julian Flood
Reply to  Tom Gelsthorpe
June 5, 2022 3:39 am

Not mask. Destroy. Less methane and more wood debris to be sequestered thus reducing CO2 emissions. Save the planet. Kill a termite.


June 4, 2022 2:55 pm

We all know that Charles has never had a real job in his life of luxury .
Now get to the facts about methane from farmed livestock that the UNIPCC and many governments around the world refuse to acknowledge.
Methane from farmed animals is a cycle and not ONE additional atom of carbon is released or extracted from the earth.
I know that it is estimated that live stock emit 90 million tonnes of methane per year which breaks down in the upper atmosphere within 10 years,
Many more millions of tonnes from many other sources are broken down in the upper atmosphere each year into CO2 and water vapour.
Every mouthful of fodder that farm animals consume has absorbed CO2 .
Methode microbes in the animals stomachs break down the cellulose and multiply rapidly .
As the animals chew their cud some methane is released .The methode microbes then travel through the animals four stomachs and are absorbed as food.
From 1999 untill 2008 methane levels in the atmosphere flatlined so where was the problem?
There is no problem as the process is a cycle.
Methane levels started rising from 2009 so what caused the increase ?
Coal extraction was a steady 4,7 billion tonnes during those 10 years .
World coal production ramped up as Asian countries increased there coal usage .
In 2018 coal production exceeded 8.2billion tonnes.
I have no issue with coal but these are the facts .
Livestock numbers are declining very slowly and coal mining has rapidly expanded .
If you want something to blame
.Blame the coal.
Leave the cows alone to feed the world using fodder which is indigestible to humans and horses .

Reply to  Graham
June 5, 2022 3:04 am

“…Charles has never had a real job in his life of luxury.”

Just like Boris, then.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Disputin
June 5, 2022 4:32 am

Just like Biden.

Reply to  Graham
June 5, 2022 3:49 am

What are we blaming coal for?

Gordon A. Dressler
June 4, 2022 2:59 pm

In the above article: “The three main greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide . . .”

Well, quite simply, NO. Water vapor is by far the predominate greenhouse gas in Earth’s atmosphere . . . and has been so for, oh, the last billion years or so.

Reply to  Gordon A. Dressler
June 5, 2022 9:27 am

Overwhelmingly predominant in fact, by orders of magnitude. But climatards don’t comprehend orders of magnitude.

June 4, 2022 3:05 pm

Shouldn’t all greenies and climate emergency warriors be wearing face masks to absorb the CO2 they exhale?

Reply to  Robber
June 4, 2022 7:22 pm

thet are called plastic bags

Right-Handed Shark
June 4, 2022 3:10 pm

There’s unbounded scope for ridicule here, please direct a lot of it to where it belongs:


Andrew Wilkins
Reply to  Right-Handed Shark
June 5, 2022 3:03 am

Yep – I’ll be contacting them to ask if they can justify their daft mask considering water vapour swamps the absorption bands of methane. I doubt they’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Not Chicken Little
June 4, 2022 3:13 pm

I was also going to say “a special kind of stupid” but there seems to be so much of it going around for the past several decades, it’s no longer special, just ordinary. I no longer even feel sorry for these “special” people.

June 4, 2022 3:35 pm

I’m sorry, but an animal with the disturbing tendency to put its tongue up its nose while eating is not going to be very keen on the mask. I’d put good money on the thing not lasting past the third rough edge the cow can find.

June 4, 2022 3:42 pm

The prince of pointlessness

Coach Springer
Reply to  fretslider
June 5, 2022 7:09 am

Picture him In the dictionary next to the word “twit.”

June 4, 2022 3:45 pm

I am sure the good people of India will promptly purchase these masks and run all over the place fitting their many cows with them.

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.
Albert Einstein

Shoki Kaneda
June 4, 2022 3:47 pm

The British Monarchy will go from one of the best in their history to one of the worst.

R Stevenson
Reply to  Shoki Kaneda
June 5, 2022 8:53 am

True, the Queen at 21 when she was Princess Elizabeth promised she would promote and ‘champion’ the Commonwealth. Charles on the other hand opted for the fight against global warming vowing to rule nothing out no matter how ridiculous. Surprising the number of people who believe that 1ppm of CH4 is a dangerous level.

Gunga Din
June 4, 2022 3:58 pm

I watched the video.
The mask converts methane to CO2 and H2O and releases them to the atmosphere.
That’s considered a “win” by the alarmist?

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Gunga Din
June 5, 2022 4:56 am

I wondered about that. What do they think they are gaining by capturing the methane?

Climate change exaggerations drive people crazy.

Reply to  Gunga Din
June 7, 2022 3:21 pm

That is what happens now in the upper atmosphere in 10 years .
The process is a natural cycle and alarmist activists have attacked farmed animals without good reason .
Methane from livestock should never have been included as emissions .
No carbon is added to the atmosphere .What don’t these people understand .

Tom in Florida
June 4, 2022 4:07 pm

I am sorry, I cannot believe this is true. Nobody, NOBODY can be this stupid. NOBODY.

Last edited 2 months ago by Tom in Florida
Reply to  Tom in Florida
June 4, 2022 9:32 pm

Except a majority of voters in many countries.

Julian Flood
Reply to  Tom in Florida
June 5, 2022 3:42 am

I nominate Greta.


Reply to  Tom in Florida
June 5, 2022 9:43 pm

Sorry, Tom… We are getting a Multitude of like examples each and every day. Washington, D.C. is NOT the only place it’s exhibited.

June 4, 2022 4:15 pm

These are the ones who feel they are entitled due to their wealth and position to rule the world. And to make their job easier no one else has any say in that.

Tom in Florida
June 4, 2022 4:15 pm

By Jane Seymour, Royal Editor
The Queen has joined in with National Take Your Child to Work Day, it has emerged.
Her Majesty, 95, took an excited young Charles to the office and showed him the ropes.
Charles, 72, watched in wonder as he saw what mummy got up to in a job he one day hopes to have for himself, although he’d still quietly like to be a train driver or an astronaut.
Royal observer Lorraine Fisher, 34, said: “It was perfectly sweet to see young Charles nervously sitting there with all the grown-ups.
“He was shuffling around on his seat but was not allowed to say a word as The Queen went about her business, reading a speech in the House of Lords.
“He was dressed smartly and had combed what is left of his hair. There’s no doubting it was an exciting day out for him.”
Young Charles was accompanied by his nanny, Camilla.

James Stagg
Reply to  Tom in Florida
June 4, 2022 8:19 pm

You win the “Hilarious” award for the day!

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Tom in Florida
June 5, 2022 5:05 am

I was listening to an interview the other day of former Prime Minister Cameron and he said the Queen met with the Prime Minister every day and the Queen asked very good questions. I didn’t realize the Queen was so intimately involved in being informed of the day-to-day operations of the government.

It was said that Queen Elizabeth had met 13 of the last 14 presidents of the United States.

Queen Elizabeth is a formidable woman. An example for all.

Last edited 2 months ago by Tom Abbott
June 4, 2022 4:23 pm

“The three main greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide…”

You forgot THE MAIN green house gas, H2O

Gunga Din
Reply to  RelPerm
June 5, 2022 4:07 pm

I’d guess he’s had 72 years to dream about things rather than deal with reality.
(Many that Hollywood made rich, less the 72 or so years, have the same problem.)

Michael in Dublin
June 4, 2022 4:30 pm

Charles spouts a lot of lunacy about climate – and a number of other things. If he is put on the throne it will be a serious downgrade of the monarchy in the UK.

Reply to  Michael in Dublin
June 5, 2022 2:57 am

Yes, we know. The beauty of an hereditory monarchy, with its separation of head of state and head of government is that a bad politician can be removed simply and a bad monarch has so little real power that he can be ignored.

Julian Flood
Reply to  Disputin
June 5, 2022 3:54 am

Precisely. That’s the point. Thank you for articulating it so neatly.


R Stevenson
Reply to  Julian Flood
June 5, 2022 9:24 am

yes, the institution tends to have some checks and balances – Edward VIII was substituted by George VI when he insisted on a twice divorced woman becoming Queen. Perhaps some similar arrangement can be made again . Also the maligned Edward VII became a very popular monarch and was largely responsible for the Entente Cordiale before WWI. We have not resorted to civil war since James II when we finished up with a Dutchman.

John Kelly
June 4, 2022 4:39 pm

FFS, and this imbecile is the next King of Australia. Indeed, long live the Queen.

Reply to  John Kelly
June 4, 2022 7:26 pm

Not for long that will make sure the Australia becomes a REPUBLIC

Reply to  H B
June 5, 2022 1:04 am

I would not be so certain of that HB. Australia has shown that it has an exaggerated belief in the nonsense of green energy and climate change , just as it did , and still does with the covid nonsense. the Princes’ ridiculous ideas will probably appeal to the averagre Australian who has just voted in a left wing /green govt on a ballot that was said by the media to have been mainly about climate change (some doubts about that assertion of course).

Peta of Newark
June 4, 2022 4:42 pm

Classic Monty Python, perfectly possible but quite bizarre

(The English sense-of-humour at work, awesome innit)

Please don’t tell me you feel compelled to launch ‘Infra red spectrums’ ‘absorptions’ and ‘methanogens’ on seeing this – else you are just as naive & gullible muppet as is Chuckles.

Except: he’s maybe in on the joke – his father would certainly have ‘got it’

Last edited 2 months ago by Peta of Newark
Reply to  Peta of Newark
June 5, 2022 9:47 pm

Miss that Monty!

June 4, 2022 5:15 pm

Not a problem! As long as the first ones are applied to Camilla and Chucky using super glue and gorilla glue duct tape. 😎

save energy
June 4, 2022 5:34 pm

Charlie Chump is not ‘The British monarch’ … thats the Queen !
he is the heir apparent to the British throne

He needs his head put in a plastic bag to stop all the garbage & the CO2 he spouts.

This is a ‘man’ who insists his shoe laces are ironed each day..

Last edited 2 months ago by save energy
June 4, 2022 5:55 pm

Cows aren’t that stupid. They would take the annoying mask off.
As to how, put one on a dog, and watch.

Animals emit CO2 and methane. If you want to eliminate that, get rid of the animals, including cows.
Plants emit including CO2 and methane as a breakdown decay product. A sandy desert doesn’t. Problem solved, burry all plant life, promote deserts.

Reply to  Peter
June 5, 2022 1:13 am

According to this report (seen on another website) there will be no beef or lamb in the UK in a few years time :
The report is said to come from a consortium including Imperial College , once famous for its science now notorious for being the workplace of Prof Ferguson. (In the ’60s when I was there each head of Dept in Chemistry was a Nobel Prize winner).
Hopefully that report is a spoof , but these days who knows?

Reply to  mikewaite
June 5, 2022 4:15 pm

Thanks for that report Mikewaite.
53 pages that probably cost 53 million pounds to produce.
It reads like a communist manifesto.You shall do this or else.
These boffins want to reduce your standard of living but’ We will be alright mate in our ivory towers living off the taxpayer ”
The whole paper is bull s!it.
They obviously do not want the British people to prosper as they do not advocate Nuclear Power .
With a phase out of coal ,oil and gas energy generated electricity where will the energy come from ?
The UK is not self sufficient in food production as food is imported from around the world and I cannot see that changing.
They talk about adding on the carbon debt of any imports which is OK ,but our communist government here in New Zealand headed by Jacinda says that half our carbon emissions are from our agriculture because of methane from our animals .
That means that these emissions would be counted twice when they should never ever be counted as they are a cycle. (see my post above )
Then these clowns say that fertilizer can be reduced .
Farmers are much smarter than university professors as they live in the real world .
We do not throw expensive fertilizer around unless we can see an adequate return .
Do these boffins even live in the same world as you and me ?
They then go on with a fantastic idea to phase out concrete and go back to building with bricks .
Imagine when an earthquake hits a 25 story brick sky scraper even with reused steel framing .
I cannot believe that this report could be released and that sane people could not see through it .It is utter nonsense drawn up by idiots .

Reply to  mikewaite
June 7, 2022 3:24 pm

Every reader here on WUWT should make a point of reading the artical that Mikewaite has posted above .

Julian Flood
Reply to  Peter
June 5, 2022 3:50 am

I know you’re joking, but it wouldn’t work. A desert is a source of dust which blows away and fertilises the oceans. The subsequent plankton blooms pull down a lot of CO2 but when the bloom dies it coats the surface with lipids which cause… all sorts of things. Guugle Sea of Marmora to see the result — it’s warming at twice the normal ocean rate. And it’s covered with sea snot.

(The permian Triassic extinction — the single huge continent would have been very dusty. A vast and continuous diatom bloom?)

R Stevenson
Reply to  Julian Flood
June 5, 2022 9:40 am

That was completely incomprehensible.

Michael in Dublin
Reply to  Peter
June 5, 2022 8:41 am

I was surprised to read how much natural methane is produced in fjords
see “Fjords Emit as much Methane as All the Deep Oceans Globally” WUWT 30 May 2022

Perhaps someone can put this into perspective
(i) by working out how many cattle would be needed to produce an equivalent amount and
(ii) by working out the percentage of these cattle of the total number of cattle in the world.

I suspect answers will make the claims of the anti-Methane Mob look ludicrous.

Last edited 2 months ago by Michael in Dublin
June 4, 2022 6:49 pm

“The British monarch is one of the architects of the Great Reset…”

Has something happened to the Queen? The UK media have kept that quiet.

YallaYPoora Kid
June 4, 2022 6:57 pm

Surely this article is taking the P?

UK was the epicentre some year ago of Mad Cow disease (BSE)
Being forced to wear this contraption would send any cow mad and would have to be a case for prosecution for animal cruelty!

Rod Evans
June 4, 2022 11:13 pm

Charles is famous for being naïve. His lack of intelligence and lack of any scientific training or even understanding of how science fits into everyday life is demonstrated almost every time he is given air time.
In Italy he is affectionately known as Il Tamponi. in deference to his famous taped conversation with his now wife Camila. A phone conversation held when he was being unfaithful to Diana.
His isolation from reality could not be more acute. As heir to the throne his cosseted existence ensures he never interacts with everyday people, or with everyday issues.
His life is mapped out. He is however, allowed to have the occasional flight of fancy, be away with the fairies on matters of no real consequence. Burping cows being just the latest foray into lunacy, just slightly more insane than his talking to trees issues.
NB I am a royalist by tradition, I just find the team waiting in the wings to take over the throne from the Queen about as unsuited and frighteningly pointless as it can get.
Long Live the Queen…..please.

Reply to  Rod Evans
June 5, 2022 1:28 am

Yes – but the only positive achievement of Queenie’s that I can think of is that she hasn’t disgraced her office, unlike vrtually all of the other royals. She has certainly never resisted any of the depredations of the British politicians.

Rod Evans
Reply to  IanE
June 5, 2022 4:23 am

The Queen’s role is to be the symbolic head of state. She has no authority and no power in British politics. She is not allowed for obvious reasons to resist the elected government of the day.
The alternative to having a Royal head of state, would be to have a President with political power such as Biden, or a dictator with totalitarian power such as Putin or Xi.
Hopeless as it would appear to those looking on, the Royal head of state option seems less hopeless than Biden, or Putin or Xi.
I could be wrong…..

Reply to  Rod Evans
June 5, 2022 4:36 am

Actually the so-called head of state does nothing nowadays, so just scrap the office. There is no point and no need to have a replacement.

However, she could certainly have resisted many political directives – as of course she did, whilst Philip was alive concerning giving a knight of the Garter to the knight of the gutter, Bliar,

R Stevenson
Reply to  IanE
June 5, 2022 10:53 am

I should imagine you were a great admirer of Jeremy Corbyn – if elected he would never have set foot in the Palace. Preferring to hang out with the PLO or IRA

R Stevenson
Reply to  IanE
June 5, 2022 10:39 am

I bet you are referring to Tony Blair.

R Stevenson
Reply to  Rod Evans
June 5, 2022 10:33 am

I wrote to Prince Charles some time ago explaining how CO2 could not possibly cause global warming. I received a very respectful letter from Buckingham Palace; my letter being filed under ‘Cranks’ no doubt. Of course I didn’t realise he was more concerned with cows and CH4 than CO2.Nevertheless I urge you all to write to Prince Charles at Highgrove House, Tetbury Gloucestershire UK with your views and I bet that not many will receive a respectful reply from Buckingham Palace.

June 5, 2022 12:00 am

What about little
Masks for termites

June 5, 2022 12:25 am

Just think, putting masks on cows, yet, they say the animals are the dumb ones!

June 5, 2022 1:22 am

Yes, yes; but is he thinking of Jacinda, Lucas and Sturgeon?

Rod Evans
Reply to  IanE
June 5, 2022 4:24 am

Don’t forget Carrie the cow…..

Joe Gordon
June 5, 2022 1:52 am

A couple of years of this clown prince at the head of the monarchy and the Brits will be voting for Chuxit.

Reply to  Joe Gordon
June 5, 2022 3:16 am

I keep thinking about what happened to Charles the first!

Julian Flood
Reply to  Joe Gordon
June 5, 2022 3:52 am

No, we’ll inherit the latest US President. Brandon someone?

How’s that working out?


Joe Gordon
Reply to  Julian Flood
June 5, 2022 12:00 pm

I imagine some day there will be an effective treatment for dementia, restoring the brain’s ability to store and retrieve long-term memory.

I hope, for more reasons than just this one, that this breakthrough comes soon, because I’d like to see the moment when Biden is treated, all of his wonky past comes back to him (until about the time he ran for VP, he was actually a fairly decent Senator, if such an animal exists).

The light in his eyes comes back on. Then the doctors tell him he was president. He’s shocked and maybe a bit sad, because he doesn’t remember. But the fulfillment of a life-long dream.

Then they play a tape for him detailing many of his mistakes and showing some of his speeches. The light goes back out, never to return.

June 5, 2022 2:52 am

These masks use fans running on batteries to pass the burp through a filter that converts the methane to CO2

If you think CO2 is an issue please explain how this device is useful.

Tom in Florida
Reply to  Redge
June 6, 2022 3:57 pm

I suppose you could call it a cowalytic converter.

Andrew Wilkins
June 5, 2022 3:00 am

I looked up ZELP’s website. Their office isn’t far from me – in the rural area of, um, central London.
Their website doesn’t actually have a picture of the mask – probably because they know it looks so damn ridiculous. Needless to say, they got funding from the awful and wasteful EU.

June 5, 2022 3:50 am

not bad
A load of bull married to an old cow

Tom Abbott
June 5, 2022 3:54 am

From the article: “Prince Charles supports face masks for cows to fight climate change.”

Long live the Queen!

Hang in there, Queen Elizabeth. Keep King Doofus off the throne as long as possible.

Unfortunately, when it comes to climate change, King Doofus’ son is a chip off the old block; Another climate change doofus. So there won’t be much climate change common sense in England after the Queen is gone.

Tom Abbott
June 5, 2022 4:01 am

From the article: “The global elite pushing the Great Reset this week emitted thousands of units of carbon dioxide with an estimated lifespan in the atmosphere of 1000 years”

Estimated by whom? How did they reach this conclusion? Have we been studying CO2 in the atmosphere for 1000 years?

There are other, much shorter estimates.

June 5, 2022 4:09 am

Putting a permanent mask of silence on Prince Charles would improve the climate debate, the cows not so much.

June 5, 2022 4:51 am

Why would anyone expect anything else from that moron?

June 5, 2022 5:15 am

I can never understand this idiotic motion, that CO2 which we emit stays in the atmosphere for 1000 years. Isn’t CO2 constantly recycled? Apart from bush fires, volcanoes and burning of fossil fuels, most of it comes from decaying organic matter which is then absorbed by plants. So what sense does “carbon dioxide with an estimated lifespan in the atmosphere of 1000 years” make? This is woo language…

Trying to Play Nice
June 5, 2022 5:58 am

He already is King of the Idiots. I’m glad those fine folks in the mid 1770s colonies decided to make a clean break with the in-bred British royalty.

Mumbles McGuirck
June 5, 2022 6:14 am

Photo caption:
“Does it come in Camilla’s size?”

June 5, 2022 8:37 am

Seems to me in these woke times when Washington and Jefferson are pilloried for owning slaves and there is serious talk of reparations that the imprerial royal family should be punished , possibly imprisoned for all the wealth stolen from colonizing the world . Englishman John Hawkins founded the African slave trade . Britain gained vast wealth by the most heinous means and today we celebrate the royal family that subjugated so many indigenous people . Crazy world . Prince Charles is the beneficiary of the biggest thieves on the planet . “ steal a little and they’ll put you in jail ; steal a lot and they’ll make you king “ bob Dylan.

Bruce Cobb
June 5, 2022 10:03 am

It would be really cool if they could make the masks look like Darth Vader’s mask. There could even be Cow Wars movies with Mook Grasswalker and Princess Mooah. It would be awesome.

al Miller
June 5, 2022 10:20 am

You would think this kind of unbridled sheer idiocy would turn people off and make them laugh – sooner or later.
Look ma the emperor has no brain!

June 5, 2022 10:42 am

Vegans are the modern family of ruminants with outdated bulk processing.

Ed Zuiderwijk
June 5, 2022 3:11 pm

Why does the prince back such masks? Because he is a believer.
Why is the prince a believer? Because he’s not very bright.
Why is he not very bright? It runs in the gene pool of the aristocracy.

June 5, 2022 6:26 pm

The global elite pushing the Great Reset this week emitted thousands of units of carbon dioxide with an estimated lifespan in the atmosphere of 1000 years, meaning carbon dioxide emitted from the year 2022 will still be in the atmosphere in 3022.”

It is a huge disservice to the world to use the idiot NASA 1000 year half-life for CO2 in the atmosphere.

And all CO2 is the same. The half-life of CO2 is about 5 years, NOT 1000 years, as claimed by politicized NASA. And “lifespan” is verbal abuse because it would be a 1000 year half-life, meaning that half would be gone in 1000 years.

Instead, the average 5 year half-life, which has been established from dozens of studies for CO2 and methane, is much more realistic and even a 10-year half-life would indicate a rapid turnover of atmospheric CO2.

It is a serious error to use false numbers used by the alarmists to try to argue against their actions. It’s playing into their hands.

Tom Abbott
Reply to  Charles Higley
June 6, 2022 5:34 am

“It is a serious error to use false numbers used by the alarmists to try to argue against their actions. It’s playing into their hands.”

Excellent point.

David S
June 5, 2022 8:47 pm

The cow’s burps produce methane but the cows farts do too. So wouldn’t the cow also need an rear end mask?

June 6, 2022 10:11 am

Now I recognize the wisdom of immovable stone altars, minus the priests and enforcers of course.

John the Econ
June 6, 2022 1:39 pm

Remind me again why we dispensed with inbread monarchy for leadership.

Geoffrey Williams
June 7, 2022 12:48 am

He’s a fool . .

June 8, 2022 9:16 am

Isn’t it about time to convert to a wax figure for the monarchy and keeping tradition? It worked well for Lenin. Only the hottest of the hot climate change predictions could melt it.

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