Claim: Climate Change Driving Snow Cover Loss and Increased “Greening” in the European Alps

Peer-Reviewed Publication AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE (AAAS) Satellite imagery of the European Alps spanning the past 38 years shows that climate change is driving declines in snow…

“Looking at the Sun” – Climate Discussion Nexus interviews CERES co-team leader, Dr. Ronan Connolly

CDN have now published their 20 minute “explainer” video including extracts from this interview and discussion of some of CERES’ recent scientific research.

Biases in Climate Fingerprinting Methods

But in 20 years of usage did any climate scientists check if TLS actually solves the problem?

France’s Nuclear Shutdown Hits 50% of Reactors, Squeezing Supply

The nuclear fleet is crucial, and can supply more than two thirds of the country’s power, so the halts could potentially worsen Europe’s supply crisis.

3 New Studies Show Atlantic Tipping Point Unrealistic…”Muted Response”…”Changes To Be Viewed With Caution”

Yet another 3 recent journal publications show there’s no Atlantic tipping point taking place. 

5 Things to Know About NASA’s New Mineral Dust Detector

From NASA Called EMIT, the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation will analyze dust carried through the atmosphere from dry regions to see what effects it has on the planet. Each…

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