“Trust” the Process: IPCC AR6 WG1 Edition

AR6 WG1 final revised report and expert review comments have just been released Adapted from an email from David Burton It appears that the IPCC has finally finished their revisions…

International Socialists Accuse Greta Thunberg of Supporting the Establishment

Evidence is emerging of fractures in the remnant of the climate school strike movement Greta Thunberg once led.

The Ocean Is Still Sucking Up Carbon—Maybe More Than We Think

Recent studies looking at carbon-sequestering microbes suggest we still have a lot to learn about the ocean’s biological carbon pump.

The Parts And The Whole

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach As with many of my meanderings through scientific landscapes, this one starts with “I got to wondering …”. In this case, I got to wondering…

Claim: Cancer Surgery Causes Climate Change

Cancer care is an obvious target for greener efforts within surgery, Berlin notes, because it often involves intense levels of care over a short period of time.

Battery Powered Flight–Still A Pipedream

As any aviation expert would have told her, battery powered flight has a fundamental obstacle, which it cannot overcome except for this sort of microlight, short range flight –  the…

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