Ski Industry Expert: Austrian Ski Resort Temperature Rise Over Past 50 Years “Not Statistically Significant”

In summary, skiers need not worry about snow disappearing from the European Alps and can count on continued excellent conditions for years to come. Ignore the climate doomsayers.

My Testimony On New York’s “Scoping Plan” To Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions

I’m not fooling myself into thinking that this will have any immediate impact. I will say that among all the other speakers, not a one addressed or attempted to refute…

The New Pause Grows by Another Month to 7 Years 7 Months

Here is the truth. There has been no global warming – none at all – for 7 years 7 months.

Samantha Power and the Green New Famine

Quite simply there is not enough natural nitrogen available to maintain current global food production.

Column: A Stake Through the Heartland – Inflation and Supply Chain Issues Are Greatly Stressing the Country’s Producing Class

But global mismanagement of the fuel system – following very bad advice that the old can be now starved of capital and dismantled because erroneous fanatics have led to believe…

Voters Will Not Pay Extra to Achieve Boris’s Net Zero Targets – POLL

While polls show overwhelming support for Net Zero, it appears that very few actually want to pay for it!