Clouds Haven’t Behaved the Way the IPCC Or the Models Say

My paper argues that clouds behaved largely independently of CO2 and had as much of a warming effect as CO2, maybe much more.

Bloomberg: Hydrogen Leaks Could Drive More Global Warming

According to Bloomberg, the miracle fuel has some drawbacks; Hydrogen leaks could have a powerful impact on global warming.

The Misguided Meat Vortex

“…land no longer needed for meat production could be used towards progressive ends, such as the creation of worker-owned farms, returning land to Indigenous nations and peoples, rewilding, and other…

Gee Whiz! Residents Do Not Like Wind Turbines (E&E News report)

Robert Bryce has been following community rejections of such projects since at least 2016 and 2017. His tally today has reached 330 wind and industrial solar projects (databank list here).

New Study: The 2016-2020 Antarctic Sea Ice Decline May Be Traced To Natural Processes

Nowhere in the paper do the authors mention anthropogenic CO2 emissions as a factor determining sea ice trends.

Surprise: Queensland’s Green Left Government is On Track to MISS Their Climate Targets

“Progress has been glacial” – In 2017 Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk pledged to cut CO2 emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030. Fast Forward to 2022, Queensland’s coal power…

Hurricane Activity Close To Lowest On Record In Last Year

The past 12 months have seen close to the fewest tropical cyclones of major hurricane frequency in more than 40 years

Open Thread

Fjords Emit as much Methane as All the Deep Oceans Globally

But these storm events also result in a spike in methane emissions from fjords to the atmosphere.

Claim: Sheep Produce Better Fleece When Grazed Under Solar Panels

Farmers whose pastures are covered with solar panels have claimed an increase in wool production. But perhaps nobody has explained to farmers that if anything goes wrong their pastures could…

New Findings Show Gulf Stream “Has Strengthened” Over Past Century…”Heat Transport Has Increased 30%”!

A recent flurry of scientific publications refute climate model claims of a weakening Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC).

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #506

“Any man can make a mistake; only a fool keeps making the same one.” — Cicero

Did HSBC Stuart Kirk Kill the Climate Investment Industry?

Did Stuart Kirk’s presentation strip away a legal defence of feigned ignorance from financial advisors who sell dubious green investments?

Getting ready for another destructive Atlantic hurricane season?

“… many of the other ingredients for a destructive hurricane season are related to human-caused climate change. Hotter ocean water and hotter air create perfect conditions for hurricanes to form,…

New York Legislative Race to the Bottom

One last point.  In another outstanding example of cluelessness, the underlying argument that the primary reason fuel prices have gone up is because the evil oil companies are making windfall…

Polar Bear Habitat in Canada Over the Last Decade: Spring Sea Ice Not in a Death Spiral

Sea ice extent in Canada at the height of Arctic spring over the last 10 years has been more like a gentle roller coaster than a death spiral.

MIT Weighs in On Energy Storage

The Report is an exercise by genius would-be central planners concocting enormously complex models that just happen to come to the results that the authors are hoping for, while at…

Swiss Daily: Wind Park Destruction Of 1000-Year Old Untouched German Forest Exposes “Absurdity of Green Energies”

While the real, historically grown fairytale forest outside the city is being cut down, artificial substitutes are being created within the city.

Climate Science 101: David Siegel

It’s a 40-minute class on climate science.

Fastest Carbon Dioxide Catcher Heralds New Age for Direct Air Capture

The field of carbon capture, the removal and subsequent storage or conversion of carbon dioxide, is developing rapidly, but hurdles remain before it can be deployed at scale.

The Economic Cost of Eliminating Fossil Fuels

By Andy May The debate on how much impact humanity has on climate change continues. As nearly everyone knows by now, there is no observational evidence that humans have a…

All of the Above’ Energy Policy Would Help Reduce Energy Poverty Here and Abroad

Considering the current crisis, solutions to combat energy poverty should be at the forefront of every conversation and news report. Yet it is ignored.

In Wake of Hurricane, Microbial Ecosystem Remarkably Resilient

After sustaining seemingly catastrophic hurricane damage, a primordial groundcover vital to sustaining a multitude of coastal lifeforms bounced back to life in a matter of months.

The Guardian: Global Warming is GOOD for Rare Coral?

A rare Guardian good news climate change story.

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