The Conversation: Reduce Agricultural Chemicals to Save Insects from Climate Change

If you have ever tried to grow a veggie garden, you will know first hand how much heartache a good drenching of bug spray can prevent. But deep greens appear…

Sorry, But Hard Science is Not Done This Way.

The short story: Can we detect a change of CO2 in the air after emission reductions following Covid-19 lockdowns?

“CBS Sunday Morning” Puts all its Eggs in Chicken Little’s ‘Reposition Global Warming as Theory (Not Fact)’ Basket

Attorney General Tong’s assertion of Exxon knowing in 1982 that “as the levels of carbon dioxide rise, the temperature of our atmosphere will rise” is contradicted by Exxon’s own 1982…

UK Energy Bosses Call for Government Assistance for Poor People

Green failure in the midst of plenty: Britain has vast frackable gas reserves which could provide affordable energy for decades to come. But a bipartisan commitment to failed green policies…

A Puppet Slip of the Tongue. Did She Really Just Say That? Hump Day Hilarity

(I generally don’t like to exploit minor slips of the tongue, but it’s Greta, you know …Greta.)

2021 State of The Climate Report: Empirical Observations Show No Sign of ‘Climate Crisis’ – ‘Snow Cover Stable, Sea Ice Levels Recovering, & No Change in Storm Activity’

And while the report finds gentle warming, there is no evidence of dramatic changes, with snow cover stable, sea ice levels recovering, and no change in storm activity.