Where have all the Clouds gone and why care?

By Charles Blaisdell PhD ChE The earth’s cloud cover has long been an important puzzle in climate change.  Cloud cover has many types and varies significantly from year to year. …

Exit the Paris Climate Accord (Marlo Lewis on offense)

If fewer than two thirds of senators present vote in favor of ratification, President Biden should inform the U.N. Climate Secretariat that America is not a party to the Paris…

Early Human Habitats Linked to Past Climate Chifts

We are who we are because we have managed to adapt over millennia to slow shifts in the past climate,”

Epicentre of Mass Coral Bleaching – Still So Beautiful (Part 1)

On 10th April 2022 I went to the very epicentre of the claimed latest severe mass coral bleaching, and found a coral wonderland.

NZ helped scrub ‘plant-based’ diets from IPCC climate report

“The most interesting thing about this report is that it shows how clearly the wording that appears in IPCC Summaries for Policy Makers are based on politics and not on…

China & India need $50 trillion for Net-Zero transition, report says

Get your wallets out!