Interpreting extreme climate impacts from large ensemble simulations—are they unseen or unrealistic?

Consequently, conventional evaluation and correction methods cannot determine whether simulations outside observed variability are correct for the right physical reasons.

“Scientist Rebellion” Risking Arrest to Demand Climate Action

The scientists wear white lab coats, so observers can distinguish the scientists from the frothing green radicals.

America’s Huge Natural Gas Reserves

Greg Wrightstone, the Managing Director of the CO2 Coalition, has a new blog post describing the sadly underdeveloped super-giant natural gas fields along the U.S. East Coast. The combination of…

It’s Time for Transparency of The Embedded Costs of Going “Green”

Supplies to support “green” inflict environmental degradation, humanity atrocities, and increases in emissions, not transparent to the green movement.

Add Helium to the Supply Chain Crisis List

Guest “Everything you never wanted to know about helium” by David Middleton Free-For-All In Helium Market Could Send Prices Sky-HighBy Tom Kool – Mar 30, 2022 The gas that is…

Blood on the blades: are thousands of dead bald eagles too high a price to pay for “clean” energy

The legalized slaughter of eagles and other large birds of prey was legitimized under the Obama administration and continues today.

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