Natural Gas for Africa: Ready, Set, Go!

Sorry EU, but energy imperialism needs to be demoted in the name of affordability, reliability, and self-determination.

Can Australian Green Hydrogen Replace Russian Gas?

It seems like we will need an awful lot of solar panels, simply to replace a tiny amount of gas!

Sorry, WQAD, Data Shows Climate Change Is Not Making Storms Worse

From climaterealism By H. Sterling Burnett WQAD ran a story reporting climate models predict climate change will make various types of weather events worse, titled “Climate change is spiking frequency, intensity of…

The Many Benefits of Rising Atmospheric CO2 — An Introduction

Atmospheric carbon dioxide: you can’t see, hear, smell or taste it. But it’s there—all around us—and it’s crucial for life. Composed of one carbon and two oxygen atoms, this simple…

What Would Happen if They Threw a War and it Upset Europe’s Climate Plans?

Guest “Is anyone else annoyed every time the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and climate change appear in the same sentence?” by David Middleton This NPR article isn’t as awful as…

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