Conflict in Ukraine Used to Push Green Agenda

They are going to rule by emergency declaration, by crisis management. T

UAH Global Temperature Update for March, 2022: +0.15 deg. C

The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for March, 2022 was +0.15 deg. C, up from the February, 2022 value of -0.01 deg. C.

China Continues To Laugh At Western “Green Energy” Foolishness

The rescue of the planet’s climate will make worthwhile our sacrifices in the form of higher energy prices, increased taxes to support subsidies to renewable energy, and restrictions on lifestyle.

Wind Turbines Out West Part II

Wind energy development has suddenly exploded in southeastern Wyoming. In just two counties we have now in operation, or permitted, some twelve wind projects involving 613,000 acres (958 square miles)…

The new Pause lengthens: now 7 years 6 months

On the UAH satellite monthly global mean lower-troposphere temperature dataset, seven and a half years have passed since there was any trend in global warming at all.

Dark Winter: Green EU States Activating Emergency Fuel Rationing Plans

The European Green Energy Transition fantasy is in tatters, as Putin’s demand that Europeans pay for Russian gas in Rubles spreads panic throughout the EU.