Ross McKitrick: The 2030 emissions plan: Canada’s gift to Putin

From the Financial Post The sad reality is that the federal government does not care what its climate plans will cost people You might have thought the Russo-Ukrainian War would…

Climate Change Weekly #430: SEC Abandons Mission, Goes Woke on Climate Change

With Democrat appointees at the helm and the Biden administration’s encouragement, the supposedly independent U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has gone full-on woke on climate change.

Op-Ed: The Rich Are Taking the Poor to the Cleaners on ‘Green’ Energy in Countries That Can Least Afford It

It is time that developing economies stop experimenting with proven failures like wind and solar and start developing infrastructure that can address international price volatility.

“[CO2] Emissions are at an All Time High”: UN Admits they are Losing

Emissions of glorious CO2 plant food have hit an all time high, according to UN Secretary-General António Guterres. Naturally his solution to this joyful milestone is to try to shut…

Solar energy explains fast yearly retreat of Antarctica’s sea ice

Unlike other aspects of its behavior, Antarctic sea ice is just following simple rules of physics.

Friday Funny: NetZero Science

There’s nothing better than climate science with a confirmation bias attached, and a computer model predicting doom in 2100. Powered by coal of course. Our resident cartoonist, Josh, has the…

NASA Science Enables First-of-its-Kind Detection of Reduced Human CO2 Emissions

For the first time, researchers have spotted short-term, regional fluctuations in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) across the globe due to emissions from human activities.

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