UK Energy Reset! (GWPF/Net Zero policy primer)

“Renewables must be put on the same footing as other generators, with no subsidies and no preferential dispatch, and eventually wound down.”

Sorry, WaPo, There Is No Evidence Bleaching Threatens a Great Barrier Reef “Tipping Point”

From ClimateREALISM By H. Sterling Burnett -March 29, 2022 The Washington Post (WaPo) published an article today discussing the fact that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (GBR) recently suffered its “sixth massive bleaching event,” blaming…

34 Years of Flawed, Failed & Grossly Misrepresented Global Sea Level Rise Speculation

These inadequacies result in flawed claims of higher rates of global sea level rise during this 2020 to 2050 period asserted in the latest year 2022 GMSL study.

The People Promising Us “Net Zero” Have No Clue About the Energy Storage Problem

Yes, we are to be completely dependent on so-called “DEFR” technologies, which have not been invented yet and as to which “significant uncertainties” exist. Could this get any more ridiculous?

Madness of Our Worship of Wind: Matt Ridley

The wind industry has already been fattened on subsidies of more than £6billion a year (paid for out of green levies on your electricity bills), it has privileged access to…

CLINTEL Goes to Court

The use of terms such as “climate denier” and “oil industry” are typically employed to stigmatize an organization. These labels are harmful as they scare away potential donors. We now…