Open Thread

Open Thread

Claim: CMIP6 Models Have Improved in Simulating Sea Surface Salinity and Freshwater Flux

Salinity changes the ocean stratification by affecting the density, which has a certain impact on the thermodynamic processes of the ocean, and then modulates sea surface salinity variations.

What Our Betters Have In Mind For Us In The Era Of Fossil Fuel Suppression

So Biden — who appears to be completely unaware that the intermittent renewables cannot replace fossil fuels without massive amounts of battery or other storage that are totally unaffordable and…

Modeled Rain on a Modeled Plain

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Thanks to Nick Stokes, who pointed me to the University of Melbourne Computer Model Intercomparison Project 6 (CMIP6) data repository, I got data on rainfall…

SUV Tire Deflating Eco-Terrorists Claim Public Support

A sabotage technique which in my opinion creates a lethal risk for drivers. The eco-terrorists hide small hard objects under the tyre valve cap, like a dry lentil, which subtly…

Drax Subsidies Hit £893 Million Last Year

Subsidies for their biomass operation reached £893 million last year. All of this is added to our electricity bills: