How Volatile Is Offshore Wind?

It is commonly claimed that the wind is much more constant and reliable in the North Sea and around Britain’s coasts than it is inland. “The wind always blows!”

Northern and Southern Hemisphere Warming

By Andy May It is common for the news media and consensus scientists to report global average surface temperatures without mentioning that both the warming rate and average temperatures vary…

Aussie SMH Gives Up on the Snowy River Green Energy Pumped Hydro Scheme

You know your green energy scheme is in trouble, when even the climate action cheerleaders at the Sydney Morning Herald are trashing your energy storage project as a “White Elephant”.

Bloomberg Green: We All Need E-Bikes Because Climate Change

Bloomberg Green advocating voluntary poverty and a return to 19th century transport solutions, to solve the great climate crisis.

When Trust and Safety Encounter Fact and Science

A pandemic burning in the background for some years has produced an increasing population of the media-disappeared — people the thought-police have banished — disappeared — from social media for…

The BBC’s Fake News About Fracking

Spiked exposes the lies told by Roger Harrabin: