Schernikau & Smith: ‘Climate Impacts’ of Fossil Fuels

Dr. Lars Schernikau, energy economist, entrepreneur, and commodity trader explains in a short 18min video a new peer-reviewed research paper authored by him and Prof William H. Smith of Earth…

Yale 360: Climate Change is Disrupting Global Supply Chains

According to Yale, companies are re-discovering keeping a component inventory and supply chain redundancy, but there are fears this will increase costs.

Climate tipping might not always be disastrous

Crossing a tipping point may lead to many other situations than the generally assumed catastrophic outcome

Franklin’s Ill-Fated Expedition Contradicts Dr. Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick Temperature Reconstruction

The expedition took place at a time that is likely to be among the coldest in the last 2,000 years.

Arctic Snow Depth, Ice Thickness, and Volume From ICESat-2 and CryoSat-2: 2018–2021

“We weren’t really expecting to see this decline, for the ice to be this much thinner in just three short years,” said lead study author Sahra Kacimi, a polar scientist…

Is This What Peak Oil Feels Like?

In summary, we have created an artificial and destructive “Peak Oil”, and we can learn from the pain that it causes how to avoid a painful “Peak Oil” in future.

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