CO2 Emissions Hit Record High in 2021

Although a large rise was inevitable following the lockdowns of 2020, the significant fact is that emissions are higher than in 2019. Given that the global economy still has not…

EU Russian Energy Plan: Gas Storage and Rooftop Solar Energy

Any hope for an outbreak of energy policy sanity amongst EU leaders is rapidly fading, as they unveil their innumerate plan to replace dependence on Russian imports.

Jen, Joe… Is it 9,000 leases or 9,000 permits that oil companies are allegedly sitting on?

Guest “Do they really think we’re that stupid?” by David Middleton This is the second sequel to Democrat Senators Demand That Oil Companies Increase Production. The first sequel dealt with…

WUWT Contest Winner, Professional, 2nd Place – ‘Is there really a climate crisis?’

I’m pleased to publish our second place contest winner in the professional category, Topic: Is there really a climate crisis? Write the best arguments against the theory of man-made catastrophic global warming…

Trudeau Hints Canada Ready to Replace Russian Fossil Fuel Imports

So long as everybody continues to agree Justin Trudeau is a green leader, Canada has offered to provide a deluge of fossil fuel, to replace imports which used to come…

‘Electric Truck Hydropower’ – A Real Breakthrough or a New Sokal Hoax?

Is this real or did the Journal, Energy, get punked?

Japan Sees NO WINTER WARMING In Decades…Tokyo Winters Haven’t Warmed Since 1984!

So are winters getting colder, or are they getting milder like the media like to have everyone believe?