Supreme Court Must Curtail the EPA’s Regulatory Overreach Immediately

If proponents of this dubious hypothesis want to limit CO2 emissions, actions must be justified through new laws that have been proposed, debated, amended, and passed through our democratic process.

John Kerry fears Russia-Ukraine war will distract from climate change

You couldn’t make it up!

China Promises Massively Cheaper Energy Storage

The CCP has decreed that five years from now, batteries and compressed air energy storage prices will drop by 30%. But even if these promises are more than hot air,…

Extreme rainfall and past climate: an experiment over twenty European cities

Recently, the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF) has released a new generation of reanalysis, acknowledged as ERA5, representing nowadays the most plausible description for current climate.

“Green” Media Misrepresents World’s Energy Reality

The reality that fossil fuels will dominate the global energy sector for many decades renders meaningless the sacrifices people in the West are being asked to make — high energy…

Claim: 10% Chance YOU Suffered a Climate Catastrophe Last Year

The definition of climate harm includes burst water pipes, no doubt caused by global warming induced severe cold.