Marshall Islands Growing, Not Shrinking. World Bank’s Embarrassing Error In Alarmist 2021 Report

Doom and gloom warnings by a 2021 World Bank report neglected a major mechanism: coral reefs.  

“Power Grab” at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Claiming this new policy will make our certificate orders more durable on appeal is positively Orwellian.

Climate Action? Politically Vulnerable Democrats Demand Lower Gasoline Taxes

It is almost like they think saving their own political hides is more important that the crisis of our times.

End of Coal? “In coming years, consumers should receive as much coal as they need”

According to Russia’s TASS news agency, China and Russia are negotiating a 100 million ton coal deal. This is in the wake of a 40 million ton coal deal with…

Forget Inane Media Preoccupations And Pay Attention: The World Is Running Out Of Fuel. We Are All Going To Pay

The problem is, few are doing the taking. Hydrocarbon producers are being hounded to move on from hydrocarbons, to pour their cashflow into emissions reductions infrastructure, or send it to…

“Peculiar Things” About Gavin Schmidt’s Temperature Series And Its “Corrections”

After 1950, however, we see a 13% trend shift due to the “corrections”

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