Claim: Chinese Covid Shutdown Triggered Record Floods

Climate mitigation causes more rain? According to scientists analysing the 2020 Chinese floods, the drop in greenhouse gas emissions and coal smoke aerosols during the 2020 Covid shutdown led to…

More Shipping News – Was the Felicity Ace Fire caused by Electric Vehicle Batteries?

What made the Felicity Ace cargo so flammable? “It was not clear whether the [EV] batteries first sparked the fire”.

Shipping News

News Brief by Kip Hansen – 18 February 2022 There is a lot of talk about reducing CO2 emissions from international  transportation.  There is an item in the news today…

“It’s just misuse of council resources.” Port Macquarie Revokes Climate Emergency

“I actually don’t believe that climate change is as big as an issue as people think it is really.”

Meandering Through A Climate Muddle

Guest Post By Willis Eschenbach One reason that I’m always hesitant to speculate on other peoples’ motives is that half the time I have no clue about my own motives.…

Is the Southwest U.S. Experiencing a Megadrought Fueled by Global Warming?

We are in the midst of a dry period that is not particularly unusual in intensity and there is strong evidence that it is the result of natural variability.

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