EPA promotes U.S. heatwave increase since 1960s while downplaying HUGE DECREASE in U.S. heatwaves since 1930s

But the EPA also reveals that If you go back further in the “heatwave” record, their entire man-made climate change analysis falls apart.

Megadrought Alarm

His own regional research shows normal and wet years will return, but don’t let that trick you.

As Ordinary People Struggle, Net Zero Policies are Killing Britain’s Gas Industry

Britain has 200 trillion cubic feet of frackable gas in Lancashire. But the climate obsessed British Government would rather pay sky high prices to Russia, than develop available domestic resources.

Is China Using Climate Targets to Recreate a Maoist Command Economy?

Atlas Shrugged Steel Unification Plan meet Chinese Climate Policy.

Leading Climate Skeptic Dr. Steve Koonin on The Joe Rogan Experience

You may have heard about the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan, Neil Young, and Spotify in the past couple of weeks. It didn’t faze Rogan at all, and he’s jumped from the frying…

As Germany’s Green Dream Becomes A Nightmare, Asia And Russia Power Ahead With Nuclear Power

The prospects of this emerging renaissance of nuclear power seem to have already attracted the attention of smart money investors growing tired of technology stocks such as Tesla or Facebook.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #491

“To defeat relativity one did not need the word of 100 scientists, just one fact.” – attributed to Einstein