Lockdown measures linked to an increase in drinking at home

Lockdown measures throughout 2020 have been linked to people in Scotland and England drinking more at home, according to new research.

The IPCC CO2 Climate Narrative: A “Behemoth On Clay Feet” …Ready To Collapse

The earth’s history provides the solid proof that acquits CO2. The IPCC’s claim of CO2 being the dominant climate factor is a behemoth on clay feet. 

New York Climate Act: Is Anyone Listening to the Experts?

While there are hundreds of projects in the NYISO interconnection queue, there are none that would be capable of providing dispatchable emission-free resources that could perform on a multi-day period…

SMH: Young People want Climate Action More than Money

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, young people would rather the government keep their money and spend it on climate action.

Methane Causes Half Of Global Warming–IPCC

An IPCC study last year suggested that 30-50% of the current rise in temperatures is down to methane.

New German leader proposes a ‘climate club’ of leading economies that would punish free riders like Australia

[let the bullying commence-cr] Wesley Morgan, Griffith University Germany has announced plans for a new climate alliance between the world’s advanced economies, in a move that promises to transform international…

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