Natural Gas Pipeline Politicization: FERC vs. Consumers in NYS/CT

From MasterResource By Robert Bradley Jr. — February 3, 2022 “[FERC] staff have determined that approval of the Project would not result in significant environmental impacts, with the exception of…

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How “Climate Actions” Actually Kill People, Not Save Them

By Vijay Jayaraj – February 1, 2022 Many have heard about the advocacy for insect food to fight climate change. And about vegan lab meat, promoted as an environment-friendly substitute…

The Shifting Politics Of The So-Called “Green” Energy Transition

It’s fair to say that at this point almost the entire Republican Party in Congress and state governments has caught on to the “green” energy scam.

Claim: Global Warming will Turn Alaska into a Garden State

According to climate researcher Nancy Fresco, Alaska could have the potential to feed itself by 2100 – but lots of government intervention is required to kickstart Alaska’s agricultural revolution.

Get Woke Go Broke: Green Crusading Facebook Share Price Plunges

According to Zuckerberg, the problem is competition from TikTok, not growing disenchantment with a woke platform which censors conversations and cancels law abiding members with large followings.