Green Wrecking Ball: Germany Clearing “Undisturbed” 1000-Year Old Forest, Make Way For Massive Wind Park

Germany’s government has not only taken a wrecking ball to the nation in terms of COVID, but also to its biodiversity in its self-deluded bid to protect the climate. 

More Focus On The Impossible Costs Of A Fully Wind/Solar/Battery Energy System

It should be glaringly obvious that, if we are shortly going to try to convert to a “net zero” carbon emissions energy system based entirely on wind, sun and batteries,…

Climate Change Weekly #424: Biden Climate, Energy Policies’ Costs: High and Rising

Biden’s efforts to fight climate change by hammering U.S. production of fossil fuels have resulted in dramatically higher fuel and food prices.

Climate Study: Air Conditioning Will Outstrip Grid Supply by 2030

According to the AGU, a massive surge in demand for air conditioning will overload the grid in the next decade.

Can the US find enough natural gas sources to neutralize Russia’s energy leverage over Europe?

The prospect of conflict between Russia and NATO countries over Ukraine has raised fears of an energy crisis in Europe.

Treasure in tree rings: Using untapped tree ring data to calculate carbon sequestration

[counting dancing angels on the head of a pin~cr] Peer-Reviewed Publication S.J. & JESSIE E. QUINNEY COLLEGE OF NATURAL RESOURCES, UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY Having a solid estimate of the amount…