The Pause Lengthens: No Global Warming For 7 Years 3 Months

The Pause lengthens yet again, and this time by three months. The double-dip la Niña is now manifesting itself in the UAH data, so that there has been no global…

UK PM Boris Johnson Duped by UK Activists’ Climate slides – Climate Depot’s Point-By-Point Rebuttal to Help Deprogram the Propaganda Johnson Absorbed

From Climate Depot By: Marc Morano Climate Depot Special Report The BBC is reporting that 11 climate slides prepared by activist climate scientists in the UK somehow convinced UK Prime Minister…

The Atlantic: Forget President Biden, Climate Change is Causing Inflation

According to The Atlantic, Biden didn’t cause inflation by dumping crazy amounts of money into the economy, the inflation occurred because climate change prevented the economy from responding right.

Biden Blows Up Yet Another Gas Pipeline

But even if you have little sympathy for our allies on this score, the withdrawal of support for the pipeline will harm U.S. interests.

Claim: Climate change has likely begun to suffocate the world’s fisheries

New research finds the ocean’s middle depths, home to many commercially fished species, started losing oxygen at unnatural rates in 2021

NASA Greenland Mission Completes Six Years of Mapping Unknown Terrain

To learn how ocean water is melting glaciers, NASA’s Oceans Melting Greenland mission extensively surveyed the coastline of the world’s largest island.

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