Essay Contest Results Delayed a Bit-And Open Thread

Due to unforeseen trials and tribulations of life, weather, geography, and health, we will be a few weeks late announcing and publishing the essay contest winners. Feel free to use…

Blizzard? ‘This is global warming, actually’: Here we go again: ‘Climate change can be linked to this nor’easter’ – Climate Depot Rebuttal

Remember: If the Green New Deal had been implemented when AOC came to Congress in 2019, the snow totals would have be much lower for this snowstorm! Science!

The Smart People Have Another Way To Save The Planet: Demand That Public Companies Reduce Their Emissions

Eventually we will come up against Stein’s Law, propounded by economist Herbert Stein in 1986: “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

Greens Demonizing Greenhouse Gas Emitting Gas Cookers

Hobgoblins in your kitchen, to frighten you into switching to a climate friendly electric cooker.

UK CCC Claim Offshore Wind Will Cost £25/MWh!

Assuming a more realistic cost of £100/MWh, which is consistent with known construction costs, the costs of Net Zero would be £18 billion a year higher.

Elites Vs. Blue collar, or Maybe Canada’s Yellow Vest Day: Here’s What the Media Won’t Say About the Truckers Convoy

Interestingly, the more the media and the cultural elites try to disparage the convoy on whatever flimsy grounds they find, the stronger support gets.