How Pressure Systems Control Climate Part 3

HOW THE SUN AND INTERTROPICAL CONVERGENCE ZONE (ITCZ) CONTROLLED CLIMATE AND CIVILIZATION COLLAPSES Jim Steele To ensure we properly adapt to future devastating weather events, we must correctly understand natural…

Investment Advisor Slams Climate Disaster Claims

According to Chris Leithner, founder of Leithner & Co Investment Advisors, the apparent upward trend in weather disaster payouts disappears when you correct for the rise in population.

A Linear Digression

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach [SEE UPDATE AT END] In my most recent post, called “Where Is The Top Of The Atmosphere“, I used what is called “Ordinary Least Squares”…

San Francisco EV Owner Mines Cryptocurrency Using Free Electricity

Youtube personality Siraj Raval converted his Tesla EV into a mining rig, allowing him to use a free re-charge deal to mine cryptocurrency.

Using An Outdated Reference Period, Germany’s DWD Weather Service Turns Cooling Into Warming

Why does the DWD use the internationally no longer valid 1961-1990 reference period? It writes itself elsewhere: “To record the climate and its changes, mean values are formed over a period…

NASA’s Webb Telescope Reaches Major Milestone as Mirror Unfolds

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope team fully deployed its 21-foot, gold-coated primary mirror, successfully completing the final stage of all major spacecraft deployments to prepare for science operations.