European nations walk back their ‘climate ambitions’ as the exorbitant price tag becomes clear

The political class remains rhetorically wedded to its earlier foolhardy promises, and the media is too enamored of reality-detached activists such as Ms. Thunberg.

New Annual Temperature Data Show No Warming In Tokyo In 45 Years…Hachijō-jima Island No Warming In 71 Years!

Since 1985, the mean monthly temperature for December in Tokyo has been flat since 1975.

Dr. Judith Curry’s Year in Review

” “Climate change” is just a mental tattoo — a phrase we invoke with an air of scientific sophistication to give some sense of knowledgeability about the unknowable.”

Wind Power Drops By A Third In Q3

We are familiar with short term drops in output, maybe for a few days or even weeks. But to lose effectively a third of generation for a whole quarter shows…

Channeling Dan and Jane to confront Biden policies

And you’ll just keep hopping into bed with any Climate Industrialist who’ll pay you twenty bucks to shill for their greenbacks energy scams.

Yet Another Man-made Crisis

“In the United States, ocean plastic waste has become a top public concern, but the developing plastic waste crisis has been building for decades.”

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