Climate lockdown: Paper published in prestigious journal laments ‘democracy’ & calls for ‘authoritarian environmentalism’ modeled after COVID lockdowns to fight climate ’emergency’

From Climate Depot Political Legitimacy, Authoritarianism, and Climate Change – Published online by Cambridge University Press – American Political Science Review – December 6, 2021 ROSS MITTIGA – Assistant Professor, Instituto de Ciencia Política, Pontificia Universidad…

The Conversation: Climate Change Turned Polar Bears into Opportunists

According to PHD student Henry Anderson-Elliott, the uptick in photos of polar bears scavenging trash dumps or hunting land animals is likely because of climate change.

New York Climate Act Scoping Plan

The large number of wind turbines and solar panels will also create massive amounts of waste when they are retired.  Furthermore, the cumulative environmental impacts of thousands of wind turbines…

Time Magazine: Did We Just Blow Our Last Chance to Tackle Climate Change?

According to Time Magazine, the struggle to keep global warming below 1.5C is all but lost – but governments have to keep spending money.

Germany To Shut Down All Remaining Nuclear Plants, Forcing Reliance On Fossil Fuels

Germany announced that it would shutter its remaining six nuclear power plants by the end of 2022, completely ending its reliance on the renewable source.

Update: NASA Plans Coverage of Webb Space Telescope Deployments

The Webb mission will explore every phase of cosmic history – from within the solar system to the most distant observable galaxies in the early universe, and everything in between.…