SCMP: China Offers Renewables and Cheap Nuclear to Poor Countries

The South China Morning Post reports China is offering their clean energy and mass produced nuclear plant expertise to their Belt and Road partners. But past Chinese overseas mega projects…

Bad Weather Station Siting – Even on #Yellowstone

As you know, I’ve covered a lot of badly sited weather stations here on WUWT, and as a rule, there are far more badly sited weather stations close to asphalt,…

Below Normal Extremes…2021 Northern Hemisphere Cyclone Activity Below Normal…US Tornadoes Below Normal

The accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) is the best measure of overall tropical activity and it is below-normal for the 2021 season across the Northern Hemisphere.

Great Barrier Reef: No Basis for Alarming Sea Level Fear, Second Report Finds

The notion that the sea may be rising more rapidly at Cooktown than at other places along the Reef is fanciful. 

Request to readers: Alert us to the best climate change videos and podcasts

We are going to be adding a media section. This section will highlight the best videos and podcasts related to the climate change discussion. While I already have my own…

Noam Chomsky Slams Biden’s Climate Policy Response

Is President Biden losing his base? 92 year old activist icon Noam Chomsky has accused Biden of placing politics before climate action, though Chomsky appears to suggest Biden’s inaction is…

When The Costs Hit Home, Nobody Will Give Up Fossil Fuels

my post this past Sunday, no amount of fake happy talk in the so-called “Glasgow Climate Pact” can obscure the obvious fact that nobody agreed to anything.

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