BBC Believes a Conspiracy Drives Climate Conspiracy Theories

Shadows everywhere: The possibility that people might want to reject climate lockdowns and Covid lockdowns of their own volition does not seem to occur to BBC conspiracy theorists.

Be Thankful That COP26 Has Ended

Every time one of these UN confabs takes place, you have to hold your breath fearing that some tremendously damaging result will emerge. But, reviewing the final outcome of this…

Polar Bear Habitat More Extensive in Most Areas of the Arctic Compared to Previous Years

In other words, despite Arctic sea ice falling to very low levels in mid-to-late September most years this decade, sea ice has expanded remarkably within the following two months as…

Early Arctic Freeze Threatens to Strand Ships.

Some 20 ships are either stuck or struggling to sail, as waters in the East Siberia Sea froze earlier than in recent years

Melting Reveals Alpine Structures Buried by Glaciers After WW1

The Washington Post forgot to mention the mid 1900s glacial advance which covered the WW1 structures with ice in the first place (see above).

Net Zero Sellout Barnaby Joyce Plays Climate Skeptic

Australian Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce, who recently caved on supporting Australian Net Zero, has criticised COP26 President Alok Sharma for ignoring Britain’s Fossil Fuel industry in his call for climate…

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