Exotic Non-Rocket US Launcher Conducts a Successful 20% Power Test

US based SpinLaunch has performed their first 20% power launch, flinging a test payload “10s of thousands” of feet into the sky.

The Hounding of Roger Pielke Jr amid the demise of academic freedom in climate change

“Universities need to take great care – if the public lose faith in the system, public funding and generous donations from alumni can dry up very quickly.”

Friday Funny – BONUS edition

When media worlds collide, “climate change” style. One wonders if Geoffry Lean or Sir David King have headed there to live yet. Inquiring minds want to know. Here are the…

The Next Environmental Crisis

Humans do have the ability to solve future crises of this kind.  However, they also have the capacity to make things much worse by oversimplifying complex environmental issues and politicizing the science, which can lead to…

Friday Funny: Learn to speak Climate

One of the biggest and most ridiculous actions by climate change alarmists is to take ordinary everyday weather events and turn them in to something sinister and scary. You can…

“Today’s Warming ‘Unprecedented'”… If you Google Hockey Sticks

Guest “They Googled ‘global temperature change since the last ice age’ and found a hockey stick” by David Middleton Global Temperatures Over Last 24,000 Years Show Today’s Warming ‘Unprecedented’A UArizona…

Emission Reductions From Pandemic Had Unexpected Effects on Atmosphere

Earth’s atmosphere reacted in surprising ways to the lowering of emissions during the pandemic, showing how closely climate warming and air pollution are linked.

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