Europe’s Energy Crisis Better Wake America Up

The overall effect of these anti-fossil-fuel policies on livelihoods, living standards, health and life spans will be profoundly negative. Countless people will perish, many of them cold and jobless in…

Increased temperatures contributed to more than 200,000 cases of kidney disease in 15 years in Brazil alone, world’s largest study finds

In the paper the authors – who are also from the University of Sao Paulo – argue that the study “provides robust evidence that more policies should be developed to…

Scary Halloween Cartoons – Global Warming in the Gulf of Maine

.  Each of these cartoons predicts coming disaster (calamity) for Gulf of Maine fisheries.  Readers will have already guessed that the reasons for the are Climate Change and Rising CO2. 

Halloween Horror: Naomi Oreskes Just Called for WG1 Climate Science to be Shut Down

Naomi Oreskes: – “if human-made warming is as unequivocal as these scientists insist, then why do we need more reports to tell us the same thing?”.

Climate Change Fueled Witch Hunts… Then and Now

It appears that we haven’t learned the lessons of the 16th century and the dangers of stirring unfounded fears concerning changes to our climate.

Swiss Analysis: Climate Models Running Too Warm, Falsely Calibrated…IPCC Needs “To Review Its Findings”

“The warming of the last 20 years has been caused more by changes in clouds than by the classical greenhouse effect,” say study authors Fritz Vahrenholt and Hans-Rolf Dübal