Prince Charles’ Climate Friendly Automobile Runs on Fine Wine and Cheese

Prince Charles has triggered global ridicule, after revealing his climate sacrifices include converting his antique Aston Martin to run on fine wine and cheese byproducts.

Peter Ridd Case: Academic Freedom Just Died in Australia

Australia’s High Court has ruled that University administrators have the right to fire academics for breach of employment code of conduct, which has precedence over academic freedom.

Climate Change Causes EXTREME CALM!

Excuses, excuses. It’s COVID and an economic snap-back that was faster than expected, as well as poorly coordinated international energy planning, states Thomas Friedman in the New York Times. Or it’s just a…

EPA U.S. Heat Wave, Heat & Cold Death Rate Data Exposes & Destroys Biden & Democrats “Extreme Heat” Propaganda

This EPA and NOAA data exposes and destroys the credibility of Biden, his Democrats and the incompetent and purely politically driven climate alarmist media that falsely and erroneously claim that the…

Mars Perseverance: More Evidence of Ancient Lake/Delta System

Guest ” If it looks like a delta, walks like a delta and quacks like a delta, it might just be… ” by David Middleton It looked like a delta…

Massive Floods add to China’s Climate Policy Coal Crisis

Massive floods have stopped production in a major Chinese Coal producing province, likely worsening China’s ongoing energy crisis.

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