Drax’s renewable energy plant is UK’s biggest CO2 emitter, analysis claims

Note how both Drax and the BEIS are simply sticking their fingers in their ears! “We don’t recognise these figures!!”

Are the Aussie Nationals Close to Caving on Net Zero?

Are Australia’s rural based Nationals, junior partners in Australia’s ruling coalition, about to switch to supporting unaffordable carbon taxes and higher fuel and energy prices?

Friday Cheerfulness

From Josh www.cartoonsbyjosh.com

Google Demonetizes Websites Which Contradict Their Climate Narrative

According to The Register, Google’s advertisers have demanded their ads not be shown on pages which dispute the climate emergency.

Announcing: The First WUWT Climate Change Essay Contest

That’s right, we are having an essay contest, and there will be cash prizes for the winners. But I’ll need your help.  As many of you know, over the past…

Alaska polar bear researchers claim poor sea ice limited spring field work in 2021 more than 2019

The reporter tries to paint a picture of polar bears suffering harm from these recent conditions but in fact there is no published data from the Southern Beaufort after 2016,…