Guardian: UK Industry Facing Climate Policy Winter Shutdown

People who lived through the blackouts and economic chaos of the 1970s must be experiencing a strong sense of deja-vu, with Boris Johnson starring as the spiritual successor of the…

Claim: Green Loans and Solar Panels Could Save Households Money

Australia’s “climate genius” Seth Griffith explains how households could all be powered by government financed solar with an EV in the garage by 2024.

Paul Bryan on Steven Koonin: Cancel Culture at Work

Emotions run high in the climate debate between the ‘settled-science’ alarmists and cautious, data-driven critics. There is every reason to listen and learn in a quite unsettled area (climate models?)…

Claim: Government Policy Must Curb the Climate Excesses of the Rich

The Berlin Hot or Cool Institute has affirmed the green position that only global communism can save us from the carbon demon.

IPCC AR6: Breaking the hegemony of global climate models

Well, I’ve been reading the fine print of the IPCC AR6 WG1 Report. The authors are to be congratulated for preparing a document that is vastly more intellectually sophisticated than…

China Invents Carbon-Neutral Oil!

You could not make it up (but the Chinese can!)

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