Business Insider: Abolish Fossil Fuel To Stop Global Warming

The climate visionaries have set the target. Now it is up to you engineering types to figure out the details.

Lomborg on Intergenerational inequities in exposure to climate extremes

So, what’s the point, except to scare?

South Pole Sees Record Cold Winter, Smashing 1976 Record …WaPo Admits “Chill Was Exceptional”

The Washington Post’s suggestion that Antarctica “continues to warm rapidly” is also contradicted by recent studies showing the entire South Pole continent has in fact cooled since data recording began…

A Robust Balance

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Albedo is the percentage of incident light that is reflected by an object. For years, I’ve read claims that the loss of Arctic sea ice…

September 1951 UK–Wet & Windy

The daily record rainfall in Oxford has only been exceeded once since, in 1968.

Can the Plastics Crisis Save the COP26 Climate Conference?

As COP26 climate negotiations stall, plastics crisis proponents are offering a merger, with a proposition that the climate crisis and plastics crisis are actually linked.