British PM Capitulates to Greta Thunberg

Following Greta’s recent temper tantrum, in which she slammed allegedly green leaders for their lack of progress, politicians are making a big show of their contrition.

Aussie Treasurer: Climate Change is Not Just an Issue for Affluent Liberals

Inner city based Aussie treasurer Josh Frydenberg telling rural district representatives like Senator Bridget McKenzie, that they don’t understand farming, mining and climate change.

Advocacy disguised as ‘science’: ‘Intergenerational inequities in climate extremes’

There is a lot of press being generated this past week over a new paper titled “Intergenerational inequities in exposure to climate extremes” (paywalled).  The Washington Post (WaPo) covered the new paper with…

Confirmed – all 5 global temperature anomaly measurement systems reject NOAA’s July 2021 “hottest month ever” hype

Some comments on the WUWT article noted that the HadCRUT5 measurement system had not yet updated its official data record for July 2021. At the time of prior article HadCRUT5…

Activists Get A Recent Paper That Threatens Climate Alarm Narratives Removed From Journal

Importantly, none of Richet’s opponents were able to refute the central claim that “the interpretation of ice-core results flatly contradicts the fundamental principles of scientific reasoning.”

The Emperor Penguin Extinction Scam & Sea Ice Dynamics

Despite climate model predictions that Emperor Penguins face imminent extinction due to rising CO2, observations and scientific evidence reveal Emperors are thriving and increasing, as sea ice and Antarctic temperatures…