EV Battery Fires do not bode well for projected sales

Germany was the first country to go “green”, and now they, not California, are setting the trend of not allowing EV’s to park in confined spaces.

Guardian: Young People Flocking to Climate Change Political Activism Careers

Almost nobody in the Gen Z climate cadre the Guardian interviewed wants to get their hands dirty – the careers listed are mostly about convincing other people do the work.

Claim: Australia can Live the Renewable Energy Dream – All We Need is a Trillion Dollars of Government Loans

Australia’s latest climate guru Saul Griffith thinks if we put solar panels on most of the roofs and EVs in all the driveways, we can meet our climate targets.

The Looking Glass World Of “Climate Injustice” — Part II

Got that? Once the “experts” in our administrative bureaucracies have decreed how much carbon you can use in a year, that will become a social norm, and peer pressure will…

Claim: Human Health has Already Been Harmed by Climate Change

According to health journals and activists, grants and debt forgiveness rather than loans are needed to address the crisis of slightly warmer temperatures.