UN Warns Australia that Climate Savvy Investors are Abandoning Coal

As Aussie coal stocks soar, likely thanks to the breakdown in climate talks between the USA and China, the UN has issued a new warning that coal is doomed.

Watch Dr. Willie Soon Surgically Shredding Climate Change Forest Fire Alarmism

Video of Dr. Willie Soon at his awesome best, obliterating the absurd climate driven wildfire narrative under the weight of the evidence he presents.

Climate Propaganda Causing ‘Climate Despair’

Guest “WTF?” by David Middleton Report: Mental Health Concern over ‘Climate Despair’ Sweeps Nation by PENNY STARR 5 Sep 2021 Some people are so upset over climate change they are…

In a blow to climate whiners, a new breakthrough creates crops that can grow 50% more potatoes and rice

Like clockwork, every year climate activists and their media enablers publish bold headlines claiming that global warming aka “climate change” will result in crop yield reductions, crop failures, and food…

Woke companies must wake up on ESG

Nearly all hope to “greenwash” their reputations, by claiming they’ll “make the world a better place,” by reducing fossil fuel emissions, and thus planetary temperatures and extreme weather events.

Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #469

“America’s leadership must be guided by learning and reason.”  John F. Kennedy, Speech not delivered in Dallas, Nov 22, 1963