£170 Million To Be Wasted On “Greener Homes”

£170 a year for 38,000 homes tots up to a saving of £6.4 million. In what sane world would this justify spending £170 million?

Texas’s Renewables: How Did the Problem Start? (Enron, Republicans Running Wild)

This post from 12 years ago recounts the political origins of the Texas wind power boom. It is also the prehistory of the Great Texas Blackout of February 2021. Note…

Guardian Demands Higher Density Cities to Combat Climate Change

According to The Guardian, packing people into cities like sardines will help save the world from climate change. But even progressives are hesitating to support this latest climate initiative.

The Interpretation of Interpolation

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach (see Arctic/Antarctic update at the end) Over in the comments at a post on a totally different subject, you’ll find a debate there about interpolation…

UK Relying On Europe For A Fifth Of Its Power

From NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT AUGUST 22, 2021 By Paul Homewood h/t Dennis Ambler https://gridwatch.co.uk/demand We’re currently relying on Europe for 16% of our electricity, as wind…

Weekly Climate and Energy NewsRoundup #467

Can a man who’s warm understand one who’s freezing?