Gizmodo: Cable TV Keeps Bumping Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe

What makes it even funnier is Richard Branson, whose space rocket stunt bumped the Hayhoe climate segment, fancies himself as a climate hero.

Gizmodo: US Wheat Crop Devastated… Because Climate Change

Guest “Gizmodo must be Latin for ‘dumb as a shoe’” by David Middleton EARTHEREXTREME WEATHERThe U.S. Wheat Crop Is in TroubleSpring wheat could see some of its lowest wheat yields…

Claim: Chamber of Commerce Membership is Climate “Guilt by Association”

According to The Verge, being a member of the US Chamber of Commerce automatically means you are guilty of supporting climate inaction.

Biden Administration Working To Undermine America

It’s hard to imagine a more counter-productive set of policies than what the Biden Administration is implementing under the rubric of supposedly “fighting climate change.”

Flawed Heatwave Report Leads to False Headlines in Major Media

A failure that misinformed you and millions of others, and a failure that highlighted glaring weaknesses in the media’s ability to cover important scientific issues. And it revealed the disappointing…

Greenland’s 2021 spring: more snow, less melt

Surface melt and total melt-day area for the Greenland Ice Sheet at the end of the 2021 spring season was below the 1981 to 2010 average. Snowfall and rain (minus…